Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ICA Trip

PR Application

I thank God for my Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application going well yesterday and today. Thank God that He alerted me to get an extension to my temporary employment pass so that I can attend my appointment slot for this completion of PR application today, or else I will be an illegal immigrant today, haha... and that's bad, because it is not glorifying God's name. I thank God for these two days, having a safe trip back and forth ICA, and also the time waiting there... haha... so the next thing to do is to collect my blue IC next week.

End of probation period

Another thing for thanksgiving... my boss today asked my bro and I to come to a room for a chat... he hand us a letter and told us that we have gone through the probation period and the company is willing to accept we two as its permanent employees now. Hehe... thank God for that and glorify my Lord's name for He is the one behind all these blessings. May God continue to lead us in our working life and I bet there are more difficult times ahead... more difficult times for us to test our faith on my Lord. Hehe... how merciful our God is.

Two nights of gospel meetings

Yes, time flies and it is September now. Two nights of english evangelistic meetings have passed and I am glad that the speaker shared with us God's word, especially pointing out how "sick" the world is. Although medical science and technology are improving, the world is not getting any better. The root of all evil, not money, but it is the sin of all men still exist... the sin causes men (refering to people in the world, including women) to the lust for money, lust for fame, etc. Everyday we read the newspaper and we can't deny this fact... including a small city like Singapore, crime rates just keep increasing. There's only one solution (or medicine) that can "cure" this problem... that is believing in Christ Jesus our Lord... Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world. No other can lead you to heaven or clear your sin.

Thank God that some friends and relatives that are invited by brothers and sisters are willing to come down tonight eventhough it was raining. Hopefully God's word has been sowed onto their heart and may God let the seed to grow so that they will have the passion or the curiousity in their heart to find out more about who this saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, is. Hehe... that's all for now... our job at work still involves testing and reporting bugs, haha... not much time left though... haha... ciao... gonna read a book then sleep. Nitez...

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