Sunday, October 26, 2008

Learning the lesson the hard way

Too full

It is really silly of me to eat more than I should. We just had our family fellowship yesterday at sister Feng Mao residence's function room. Thank God that He has granted great cooking skills for most of our brothers and sisters that they brought a lot of good food for the fellowship. This time we had our lunch first before the fellowship. Thus the children have the go first. Hehe..

However, not usually having such good and nice-looking food for lunch to me, I think I ate too full. I thought my stomach can digest the food I kept on adding during the fellowship. Then yeah, after the fellowhip, there are still some food left. My stomach gave me a false alarm (or maybe it could be me ignoring the signal from my stomach that it hasn't finish digesting the previous one), so I learnt my lesson... I just can't resist the foods, haha... some thoughts like "Oh, this hotdog is so small, no harm eating one." Haha... until I realise I really full then I stop... by that time, haha, think my stomach calls a timeout, and rested. Haha... maybe it wait till I finish eating, then it only starts digesting slowly... haha... (smart stomach? Haha I just making it out)

By the time I got home, I keep yawning and I feel bloated... oh dear, when does this bloated feeling end? I wanted to vomit them out, but the food just doesn't come out. TungNgie told me to hold on for a longer time. -.-" I just hold on before I sleep, reading a book on my bed, back straight up. I wait till I am comfortable before I lie down... what a tough lesson... then I remind myself again not to eat too full... haha... it has been a long time since I encounter such lesson again... its a lesson I usually forget, haha... so this time, I hope I can learn for good now! Haha...

Recce-ing blocks around here

In order for the November tracting session, I went around yesterday to count the number of units for block 512 to 518. My initial idea was just going for block 512, 513, 515 and 516. When I was recce-ing and counting number of units for these blocks, I came to block 514, so I just count it too (Block 514 looks old, and a creepy one). Then as I returned to block 515, I came across block 517 and 518, so I just count them as well. Thus, a records of number of units for the 7 blocks. Will decide with the committee which block to go for soon.

Story for Project 0812

There's a story time in our schedule for this project 0812. I am still preparing for it. I have a sketch of it and will seek some guidance from the teachers before I starts off looking for the pictures. Hehe... hopefully I can get the progress of all groups today. Hehe... ciao, almost breakfast time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peeling orange can hurt my thumb

Project behind schedule

When I joined the team, it has been behind schedule for 2 weeks. Thus, no warm-up... straight to exercise. Our group made our first build successfully (yeah!), but it was under expectation (boo-hoo-hoo). So we were given a warning about rushing up to clear the delays, at the point while I am still "catching up", learning about those tasks and templates... haha... so... hopefully I can get more things done tomorrow.

Progress of organizing project 0812

I think I will probably confirm the venue of this outreach event at Bedok then (meeting place at my place). Too bad the "my place" here doesn't refer to my house in KB, haha... or else, it will be sure enough for 30 people (and more!). Haha... Singapore, you know, has a small land... and my place here is also a rented one. Not sure if it can hold 30 people, but I am sure my Lord will take care of this. For the games, skit and logistics, I need to keep on reminding myself to follow-up closely on them, but... I have no news since last Sunday.

Priority number one will the tracts. Its design, details on the design, printing, number to print, the blocks to distribute the tracts... these sorts of things need to get them fast. I was thinking of carrying out the tracting over at Bedok North, block 512, 513, 515 and 516. Look ambitious yea? Haha... let me get the countings right before I decide which blocks should we distribute.

Oh no, while I keep on asking brothers and sisters to invite their friends, I have not started inviting my friends. Soon! As long as I don't forget... hmm need to be quick as well, or else they have planned their days ahead! Haha... wow.. everything need to be so quick... and how could I possibly do all these at the same time? Look unto the face of my Lord... and remember who He is...

My thumb hurts

Finally I remember to eat the oranges in my fridge today, but the skin is so hard that hurts my thumb. Can't see clearly what's causing the pain... it's just painful... haha and to think I still can write this post, haha... you can see that it isn't so painful after all. Bah that's all for now. I added an album (9 photo-es I think) in my lobby, regarding a pizza lunch with my old team... two persons missing from the pictures are the photographer and our team leader (different person from the photographer). Hehe... "team lunch", without the team leader, huh? Haha...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never remember me

Blogger sign-in

I think blogger sign-in has a bug. Even if I have checked the "Remember Me" box, it still doesn't remember my email and password. I have to type the two details all the time. Haha... not sure when are they going to fix that, or maybe they don't even know about it. Haha... nvm, it doesn't hurt for retyping my username and password anyway. Haha... that's how this post title comes about... never remember me. Haha...

Project 0812

Yeah, I have invited brother Peter and sister Siew Khim to come for our December 8 outreach event. Feel relieved that I have done so, thank God, because at first, I don't know how to invite them. Haha... but yeah, I know... December 8 is a 难得public holiday (after I started working, I realise how precious are public holiday, hehe...), so I gave them till Nov 23 to reply me whether they can come for the event or not. I am glad that God has helped me to classify the activities into 3 groups: games, design & food (basically logistics) and skits. Brothers and sisters from TYF volunteered themselves into these groups and they will plan among themselves what to do for that activity, while I just trying to help out... also... to understand all their parts. I need to gather all the information together. Hmm...

As our committee meeting, I'll set on Nov 1 (Saturday), I am planning to gather the info before the meeting, so wondering each groups can present me a detail of what they have discussed by next Sunday. Think that's enough time. Haha... alrighty, get on with the work.

Oh yea, I need to prepare the message with the visual aids. Hmm.... I know the content must be the gospel.... but then... how do I put it? Will continue to pray for this, then after I done, of course, need to send to the teachers for reviewing and, if any, further customization. Haha...

Service today

Today, the speaker shared with us John 9:1-7 regarding Jesus' teaching on how to handle misfortunes. There was a man borned blind, and Jesus' disciples asked if it is due to the sin of the man or his parents? You can see Jesus reply from the bible. The man borned blind has nothing to do with his sin or his parents' sin, nothing to do with what he has done or what his parents' have done... (or ancestors have done). If you read the bible, it mentioned that it is an oppurtunity for God to show His power. It doesn't mean that when we engaged in an accident or misfortune, we thank the Lord ("Lord I thank you that I broke my leg!"), no, it does not mean that.

It means that when a misfortune happens to us, like hit by a car, we shouldn't murmur or complain... many ppl tends to complain "why me? why is this happening to me? not others?". We should know that even we are paralysed or blind, or other injury, we still can serve God. If we willing to let God use us, God will still use us. A hymn writer Fanny Crosby, who is blind, has written a lot of songs in our hymn book. See, how wonderful God is. He does not give up on us even when we become paralysed.

Don't think "what else I can do? Even the doctor say he can't help me with my injury..." but think "what can I do?". Don't think "what others can do for me?" but think "what can I do for others?". These applied whether your friends or you meet with misfortune. For example, your friend has met an accident, don't think that "Hey, I am not a doctor, I can't cure him, what else can I do? Nothing!"... but you can pray for him, buy him food to eat if he is paralysed, feed him if he can't use his hands, support him financially if he has financial problems.

The pastor also told us that there was a youth who found out that he has only two years to live because he has a terminal illness. He was a happy-go-lucky Christian. After he knew he has two years left, he thought he had not done a good job in evangelism. Thus he does the commission that Christ has given to every Christians. He quited his university and start to evangelise. From his town to neighbouring cities to neighbouring countries... many people believes. No matter what condition we are in, we still have this mission that Christ has given unto everyone of us... and that's to spread the gospel.

That's all for now. May God continues to guide us in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Invite your friends for this December 8 outreach event as well! I need to invite mine too. Hehe...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New seat

Moved to a new seat

I just moved my stuff over to my newly assigned seat, no longer sit beside TungNgie anymore. Haha... oh well, still in the same office though. We went to the barber as well yesterday after work. Then, yeah, I done my todo-es stated in the previous post. Haha... the video "The Case for a Creator" is some kinda complicated to me as it mentioned about some science terms that I never heard of. Haha... but I can see that the video is trying to tell me that the science factors are all leading to a Creator, the One and Only God. It explains from different perspective, physics, biology, cosmology, etc. Haha... anyway great that I done my todo-es.

Must remember to bring my windbreaker on next Monday. Haha... TungLieng is busy with his final year project now as he is in his final semester in Singapore Poly. I can see the children in the church are growing fast. Need to pray for the health of all brothers and sisters as illness are getting more and more difficult to cure. The bacteria looks more resistant now to the medicine, as if they can adapt to the medicine, haha.. wow... that's powerful... and a bad news for us... even a simple fever last time needs only a few days rest to recover, but now... few months... or could lead to death. As technology becomes better, the germs becomes stronger as well...

Very sad to hear two of my friends have passed away in the last two weeks...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have been lazy

Some todo-es

I have not blog since 2 or 3 weeks ago, if I didn't recall wrongly, TungLieng just went back to KB then. Now, 6 days ago to be precise, he has returned to Singapore, and he is in his final semester. Time sure flies very fast, but.. I have been lazy myself. I thank God that I completed at least one of my todo-es, i.e. preparing the minutes for the 2nd meeting of Project 0812 (December 8 Outreach event).

Some other todo-es that I have are watching a video, "The Case for the Creator" and prepare a notes on what I should bring out during the next TYF (Oct 18, coming Saturday). Another todo is to select some songs for the next Saturday's family fellowship (Oct 25), hopefully I don't forget about this. Haha... human needs to be reminded everytime. Everytime I went back home after work, I don't feel like doing anything, just wanted to bath, brush up then sleep. Haha...

How forgetful I am

Yesterday my bro and I went to attend our church's prayer meeting after work. I set off without my wallets (with my ez-link card) and house keys. I only realised that when we reached MRT, about to go through the card scanning devices. I reached for my wallet and stunned... it wasn't there... I reached my hand into another pocket... and I found a cabinet key... haha... so we went back to the office again to take my stuff. Haha... sorry bro, teeheehee... n.n

That's all for now, lazy to write more now. Oopz, 8.30am ++ le... better start working! Haha...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning the journey home

Going back to KB

Athough my bro and I do not have a lot of leave this time (we joined during June and the company didn't give us the full leave, but 2/3 of it), we saw some oppurtunity during December where the company has deducted 2 days from our annual leave. Thus including the weekends, we do not have work on Dec 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, Jan 1, 2, 3 and 4. As you can see, we just need to apply leave for Dec 22, 23, 29 and 30. Haha... anyway, I put this in God's hand, and if He allows us to go back to KB, then our bosses will approve our leave for those days. Haha... haven't apply for the leave yet.

Challenging programming task ahead

I received the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) this afternoon regarding my next programming project and it sure doesn't look easy. I thank God that there's someone from my previous project coming along with me to this new one, (sadly it's not my bro). Haha... that friend of mine has better working experience than me, (at least he knows NHibernate, that is to be used in this project)... haha... WPF, something I learned during my previous project, is not used for what I assigned to do (there is a part that uses WPF, but I am not assigned). Haha... what to do? Haha... only pray and trust my Lord that He will bring me through this. Hehe...

Eastern System Client

We have suspend our progress in this our very own project at home for some time now. We are looking on some articles regarding composite WPF, thinking whether we should apply this "pattern & practice" (from Microsoft) in our Eastern System Client or not. Haha... still learning (reading and trying to understand actually), haha... it sure looks "wonderful" from its examples, but it does look complicated as well, especially the definitions and terms. Haha... guess the importance of this is not to rush through, but trying to learn something out of this project as well, haha... but yea... we do still wanna get it done soon, after understanding the composite WPF? Haha... haven't try to program something to get it printed on the printer. Haha... but I am sure the solution should be somewhere out there on the net. Haha...

That's all for now. Thanks to TungNgie for the dinner and the photo (upload to my Home Cook Meal album at TungLeh's Lobby)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Adapt to changes

Dinners for these few days

Except yesterday (Mon, Oct 6), TungNgie have been cooking for our dinner. Hehe... his cooking skill is getting better and better, I thank God for that (coz if not, then we have to eat outside everytime). For me, I have tried once or twice... look out for the chao da french bean and a mushroom omelette, somewhere near the 4th or 5th photos from my Home Cooked Meal album. Hehe... other times, the chef is TungNgie. I am just helping out... or maybe my bro will say "The more I help, the more trouble he get", haha... -.-" (sweat sweat)

I will update my photo album once I receive the pictures from my bro. Haha...

Project 0812 and TYF meetings

Have a TYF meeting recently, and I realised that I need to plan for the next TYF's programme as well, because it is related to this Dec 8 outreach event. Sadly to say, I just had my first meeting on Oct 4. Thus I thank God that we agreed to shift the next TYF to be on Oct 18, and I need to arrange an urgent second meeting on Oct 11, this Saturday. Haha... (kinda agree, haha... it's bcoz of no choice, another -.-" for other TYF committee members)

Thus the agenda for this coming meeting will be setting up the theme and activities for the outreach event, and plans for Oct 18 TYF. I need to pray for these items and also the understanding of my committee members. Hopefully they do undersand what I am saying, and we can share the same vision.

In this TYF meeting, we are planning the TYF for next year. We continue to pray that our TYF continues to help the teens and youths in their spiritual walk and also, a meeting that they can bring their friends/relatives, who have not heard of the gospel, so that these non-believing friends/relatives can see how our fellowship is like. While we are discussing, I heard someone mentioned about "comfort zone", and that struck me, because I felt that I am one of them that likes to stay in my comfort zone and not willing to change... I'll be reluctant to change, eventhough I know it is for my own good. This come practically true, and I need to adapt to change (whether reluctant or not) in my workplace! Comfort zone was in the same section as TungNgie, but starting from next week, I need to shift to another section, different from TungNgie's and we will do different work from now on. So... what a change I need to adapt... at the beginning I really felt reluctant... and also "why me?", then I give it a long thought... and I believe that this is the Lord's will for me... to learn to depend on Him only, not anyone including TungNgie.

This maybe also a chance for me to learn new things, so that TungNgie and I can put what we learnt together to do this second programming exercise at home, i.e. writing a system for my parents' company, Eastern Company in KB. Hehe...

Stealing time from boss

This is something that apostle Paul told us to avoid in Ephesians. Today, as my boss asked me to go to the new section, he also told me his evaluation about my work. There's good and bad things of course. For the good things, I thank God for them. For the bad things, I also thank God for reminding me about not to steal time from my boss. Although my boss didn't put it directly, I felt my own guilt that I did steal time. What he told me is to use my time in a useful way, not kill time. My cubicle is just directly diagonal of my boss and thus he can see clearly what's on my monitor screen. He also told me to work harder (hmm, guess I am not hardworking enough. I also think so too about myself, haha... usually I watched TodayOnline news till 9am, when more colleagues arrive)... he also remind me to bring my notebook for all meetings. That's very true enough that my bro and I seldom bring our notebook for any meetings, oopz, haha... think they really want us to bring the notebook around, haha...

Lessons learnt: 1) Don't steal time from the boss, working time is 8.30am to 5.30pm. 2) Work harder. 3) Bring notebook (not laptop) for all meetings... also a pen/pencil. Haha... hmm TungNgie go to bed so early today... haha... guess I'm off too... gd nite!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Cook Meal album relocated

Photo Album Relocation

Yup, as my title says, I have upload all photos about home cook meal onto my MSN Space (, including some recent one. Hehe... the dinner is great, thank God for them (for giving TungNgie the right skill to cook), haha... his cooking is getting better, thank God for that too. Teeheehee... what a blessing God has given unto us!

3 more months

The last 3rd month of the year... time flies... 4 more pears in my fridge, hehe... can't imagine I have worked for 4 months... haha... but our product has not been released... there's still 2 deadliest bug remaining... hidden somewhere around the corner that we still can't locate it... we set up a trap for one, and tried very hard today to catch the other one... but it was useless... still can't catch the 2nd one... we hope our trap can help us get the 1st bug there, haha... that's more deadly than the other one, comparatively speaking. Haha... our boss wasn't happy that we still find the 2nd bug today, because the Japan headquarter there found it, but lost it... haha... what a bug-infested week...

Not only was my office buggy, but at home too.. hmm this few days I have been seeing cockroaches... is anything not tidy here? Hmm... need to find a time to clean the whole place again. I hate cockroaches... they are "eek"... haha... the next thing I do when I see them is to find my pesticide and spread them to a "half-wake" mode... then I smash it with the back of the ben-dou... eventually sweep it and into the dustbin it goes... haha... it is not funny and it is not fun... hate to see them... too bad can't find their lair and throw a dynamite into it! Haha... the pesticides we got here weren't strong enough to kill them at first blast... the instruction say, spread 30 seconds at the same target. Wow... haha... think that's why the ben-dou did the job quicker, haha...

That's all for now. Hehe... have been reading the book "I kissed dating goodbye", nice book to learn. I'll include it in my MSN Space after finish reading it. Hehe...