Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Adapt to changes

Dinners for these few days

Except yesterday (Mon, Oct 6), TungNgie have been cooking for our dinner. Hehe... his cooking skill is getting better and better, I thank God for that (coz if not, then we have to eat outside everytime). For me, I have tried once or twice... look out for the chao da french bean and a mushroom omelette, somewhere near the 4th or 5th photos from my Home Cooked Meal album. Hehe... other times, the chef is TungNgie. I am just helping out... or maybe my bro will say "The more I help, the more trouble he get", haha... -.-" (sweat sweat)

I will update my photo album once I receive the pictures from my bro. Haha...

Project 0812 and TYF meetings

Have a TYF meeting recently, and I realised that I need to plan for the next TYF's programme as well, because it is related to this Dec 8 outreach event. Sadly to say, I just had my first meeting on Oct 4. Thus I thank God that we agreed to shift the next TYF to be on Oct 18, and I need to arrange an urgent second meeting on Oct 11, this Saturday. Haha... (kinda agree, haha... it's bcoz of no choice, another -.-" for other TYF committee members)

Thus the agenda for this coming meeting will be setting up the theme and activities for the outreach event, and plans for Oct 18 TYF. I need to pray for these items and also the understanding of my committee members. Hopefully they do undersand what I am saying, and we can share the same vision.

In this TYF meeting, we are planning the TYF for next year. We continue to pray that our TYF continues to help the teens and youths in their spiritual walk and also, a meeting that they can bring their friends/relatives, who have not heard of the gospel, so that these non-believing friends/relatives can see how our fellowship is like. While we are discussing, I heard someone mentioned about "comfort zone", and that struck me, because I felt that I am one of them that likes to stay in my comfort zone and not willing to change... I'll be reluctant to change, eventhough I know it is for my own good. This come practically true, and I need to adapt to change (whether reluctant or not) in my workplace! Comfort zone was in the same section as TungNgie, but starting from next week, I need to shift to another section, different from TungNgie's and we will do different work from now on. So... what a change I need to adapt... at the beginning I really felt reluctant... and also "why me?", then I give it a long thought... and I believe that this is the Lord's will for me... to learn to depend on Him only, not anyone including TungNgie.

This maybe also a chance for me to learn new things, so that TungNgie and I can put what we learnt together to do this second programming exercise at home, i.e. writing a system for my parents' company, Eastern Company in KB. Hehe...

Stealing time from boss

This is something that apostle Paul told us to avoid in Ephesians. Today, as my boss asked me to go to the new section, he also told me his evaluation about my work. There's good and bad things of course. For the good things, I thank God for them. For the bad things, I also thank God for reminding me about not to steal time from my boss. Although my boss didn't put it directly, I felt my own guilt that I did steal time. What he told me is to use my time in a useful way, not kill time. My cubicle is just directly diagonal of my boss and thus he can see clearly what's on my monitor screen. He also told me to work harder (hmm, guess I am not hardworking enough. I also think so too about myself, haha... usually I watched TodayOnline news till 9am, when more colleagues arrive)... he also remind me to bring my notebook for all meetings. That's very true enough that my bro and I seldom bring our notebook for any meetings, oopz, haha... think they really want us to bring the notebook around, haha...

Lessons learnt: 1) Don't steal time from the boss, working time is 8.30am to 5.30pm. 2) Work harder. 3) Bring notebook (not laptop) for all meetings... also a pen/pencil. Haha... hmm TungNgie go to bed so early today... haha... guess I'm off too... gd nite!

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