Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have been lazy

Some todo-es

I have not blog since 2 or 3 weeks ago, if I didn't recall wrongly, TungLieng just went back to KB then. Now, 6 days ago to be precise, he has returned to Singapore, and he is in his final semester. Time sure flies very fast, but.. I have been lazy myself. I thank God that I completed at least one of my todo-es, i.e. preparing the minutes for the 2nd meeting of Project 0812 (December 8 Outreach event).

Some other todo-es that I have are watching a video, "The Case for the Creator" and prepare a notes on what I should bring out during the next TYF (Oct 18, coming Saturday). Another todo is to select some songs for the next Saturday's family fellowship (Oct 25), hopefully I don't forget about this. Haha... human needs to be reminded everytime. Everytime I went back home after work, I don't feel like doing anything, just wanted to bath, brush up then sleep. Haha...

How forgetful I am

Yesterday my bro and I went to attend our church's prayer meeting after work. I set off without my wallets (with my ez-link card) and house keys. I only realised that when we reached MRT, about to go through the card scanning devices. I reached for my wallet and stunned... it wasn't there... I reached my hand into another pocket... and I found a cabinet key... haha... so we went back to the office again to take my stuff. Haha... sorry bro, teeheehee... n.n

That's all for now, lazy to write more now. Oopz, 8.30am ++ le... better start working! Haha...

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