Sunday, October 26, 2008

Learning the lesson the hard way

Too full

It is really silly of me to eat more than I should. We just had our family fellowship yesterday at sister Feng Mao residence's function room. Thank God that He has granted great cooking skills for most of our brothers and sisters that they brought a lot of good food for the fellowship. This time we had our lunch first before the fellowship. Thus the children have the go first. Hehe..

However, not usually having such good and nice-looking food for lunch to me, I think I ate too full. I thought my stomach can digest the food I kept on adding during the fellowship. Then yeah, after the fellowhip, there are still some food left. My stomach gave me a false alarm (or maybe it could be me ignoring the signal from my stomach that it hasn't finish digesting the previous one), so I learnt my lesson... I just can't resist the foods, haha... some thoughts like "Oh, this hotdog is so small, no harm eating one." Haha... until I realise I really full then I stop... by that time, haha, think my stomach calls a timeout, and rested. Haha... maybe it wait till I finish eating, then it only starts digesting slowly... haha... (smart stomach? Haha I just making it out)

By the time I got home, I keep yawning and I feel bloated... oh dear, when does this bloated feeling end? I wanted to vomit them out, but the food just doesn't come out. TungNgie told me to hold on for a longer time. -.-" I just hold on before I sleep, reading a book on my bed, back straight up. I wait till I am comfortable before I lie down... what a tough lesson... then I remind myself again not to eat too full... haha... it has been a long time since I encounter such lesson again... its a lesson I usually forget, haha... so this time, I hope I can learn for good now! Haha...

Recce-ing blocks around here

In order for the November tracting session, I went around yesterday to count the number of units for block 512 to 518. My initial idea was just going for block 512, 513, 515 and 516. When I was recce-ing and counting number of units for these blocks, I came to block 514, so I just count it too (Block 514 looks old, and a creepy one). Then as I returned to block 515, I came across block 517 and 518, so I just count them as well. Thus, a records of number of units for the 7 blocks. Will decide with the committee which block to go for soon.

Story for Project 0812

There's a story time in our schedule for this project 0812. I am still preparing for it. I have a sketch of it and will seek some guidance from the teachers before I starts off looking for the pictures. Hehe... hopefully I can get the progress of all groups today. Hehe... ciao, almost breakfast time!

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