Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never remember me

Blogger sign-in

I think blogger sign-in has a bug. Even if I have checked the "Remember Me" box, it still doesn't remember my email and password. I have to type the two details all the time. Haha... not sure when are they going to fix that, or maybe they don't even know about it. Haha... nvm, it doesn't hurt for retyping my username and password anyway. Haha... that's how this post title comes about... never remember me. Haha...

Project 0812

Yeah, I have invited brother Peter and sister Siew Khim to come for our December 8 outreach event. Feel relieved that I have done so, thank God, because at first, I don't know how to invite them. Haha... but yeah, I know... December 8 is a 难得public holiday (after I started working, I realise how precious are public holiday, hehe...), so I gave them till Nov 23 to reply me whether they can come for the event or not. I am glad that God has helped me to classify the activities into 3 groups: games, design & food (basically logistics) and skits. Brothers and sisters from TYF volunteered themselves into these groups and they will plan among themselves what to do for that activity, while I just trying to help out... also... to understand all their parts. I need to gather all the information together. Hmm...

As our committee meeting, I'll set on Nov 1 (Saturday), I am planning to gather the info before the meeting, so wondering each groups can present me a detail of what they have discussed by next Sunday. Think that's enough time. Haha... alrighty, get on with the work.

Oh yea, I need to prepare the message with the visual aids. Hmm.... I know the content must be the gospel.... but then... how do I put it? Will continue to pray for this, then after I done, of course, need to send to the teachers for reviewing and, if any, further customization. Haha...

Service today

Today, the speaker shared with us John 9:1-7 regarding Jesus' teaching on how to handle misfortunes. There was a man borned blind, and Jesus' disciples asked if it is due to the sin of the man or his parents? You can see Jesus reply from the bible. The man borned blind has nothing to do with his sin or his parents' sin, nothing to do with what he has done or what his parents' have done... (or ancestors have done). If you read the bible, it mentioned that it is an oppurtunity for God to show His power. It doesn't mean that when we engaged in an accident or misfortune, we thank the Lord ("Lord I thank you that I broke my leg!"), no, it does not mean that.

It means that when a misfortune happens to us, like hit by a car, we shouldn't murmur or complain... many ppl tends to complain "why me? why is this happening to me? not others?". We should know that even we are paralysed or blind, or other injury, we still can serve God. If we willing to let God use us, God will still use us. A hymn writer Fanny Crosby, who is blind, has written a lot of songs in our hymn book. See, how wonderful God is. He does not give up on us even when we become paralysed.

Don't think "what else I can do? Even the doctor say he can't help me with my injury..." but think "what can I do?". Don't think "what others can do for me?" but think "what can I do for others?". These applied whether your friends or you meet with misfortune. For example, your friend has met an accident, don't think that "Hey, I am not a doctor, I can't cure him, what else can I do? Nothing!"... but you can pray for him, buy him food to eat if he is paralysed, feed him if he can't use his hands, support him financially if he has financial problems.

The pastor also told us that there was a youth who found out that he has only two years to live because he has a terminal illness. He was a happy-go-lucky Christian. After he knew he has two years left, he thought he had not done a good job in evangelism. Thus he does the commission that Christ has given to every Christians. He quited his university and start to evangelise. From his town to neighbouring cities to neighbouring countries... many people believes. No matter what condition we are in, we still have this mission that Christ has given unto everyone of us... and that's to spread the gospel.

That's all for now. May God continues to guide us in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Invite your friends for this December 8 outreach event as well! I need to invite mine too. Hehe...

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