Saturday, October 18, 2008

New seat

Moved to a new seat

I just moved my stuff over to my newly assigned seat, no longer sit beside TungNgie anymore. Haha... oh well, still in the same office though. We went to the barber as well yesterday after work. Then, yeah, I done my todo-es stated in the previous post. Haha... the video "The Case for a Creator" is some kinda complicated to me as it mentioned about some science terms that I never heard of. Haha... but I can see that the video is trying to tell me that the science factors are all leading to a Creator, the One and Only God. It explains from different perspective, physics, biology, cosmology, etc. Haha... anyway great that I done my todo-es.

Must remember to bring my windbreaker on next Monday. Haha... TungLieng is busy with his final year project now as he is in his final semester in Singapore Poly. I can see the children in the church are growing fast. Need to pray for the health of all brothers and sisters as illness are getting more and more difficult to cure. The bacteria looks more resistant now to the medicine, as if they can adapt to the medicine, haha.. wow... that's powerful... and a bad news for us... even a simple fever last time needs only a few days rest to recover, but now... few months... or could lead to death. As technology becomes better, the germs becomes stronger as well...

Very sad to hear two of my friends have passed away in the last two weeks...

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