Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peeling orange can hurt my thumb

Project behind schedule

When I joined the team, it has been behind schedule for 2 weeks. Thus, no warm-up... straight to exercise. Our group made our first build successfully (yeah!), but it was under expectation (boo-hoo-hoo). So we were given a warning about rushing up to clear the delays, at the point while I am still "catching up", learning about those tasks and templates... haha... so... hopefully I can get more things done tomorrow.

Progress of organizing project 0812

I think I will probably confirm the venue of this outreach event at Bedok then (meeting place at my place). Too bad the "my place" here doesn't refer to my house in KB, haha... or else, it will be sure enough for 30 people (and more!). Haha... Singapore, you know, has a small land... and my place here is also a rented one. Not sure if it can hold 30 people, but I am sure my Lord will take care of this. For the games, skit and logistics, I need to keep on reminding myself to follow-up closely on them, but... I have no news since last Sunday.

Priority number one will the tracts. Its design, details on the design, printing, number to print, the blocks to distribute the tracts... these sorts of things need to get them fast. I was thinking of carrying out the tracting over at Bedok North, block 512, 513, 515 and 516. Look ambitious yea? Haha... let me get the countings right before I decide which blocks should we distribute.

Oh no, while I keep on asking brothers and sisters to invite their friends, I have not started inviting my friends. Soon! As long as I don't forget... hmm need to be quick as well, or else they have planned their days ahead! Haha... wow.. everything need to be so quick... and how could I possibly do all these at the same time? Look unto the face of my Lord... and remember who He is...

My thumb hurts

Finally I remember to eat the oranges in my fridge today, but the skin is so hard that hurts my thumb. Can't see clearly what's causing the pain... it's just painful... haha and to think I still can write this post, haha... you can see that it isn't so painful after all. Bah that's all for now. I added an album (9 photo-es I think) in my lobby, regarding a pizza lunch with my old team... two persons missing from the pictures are the photographer and our team leader (different person from the photographer). Hehe... "team lunch", without the team leader, huh? Haha...

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