Friday, November 21, 2008

Start to get hot


My busy time came earlier than expected (next week as I mentioned in my previous post). It was today. My boss took a look at my work, a configuration tool. He then told me that I didn't add this and that. He told me that his "OK" includes validation, user-friendliness and full functionality. Haha... looks like we have a different definition of "OK" haha... his "OK" is my "Finish". Haha... anyway, look like I need to be more hardworking than usual le, as time is not on my side. Haha...

Another surprise thing is that I have some bugs to debug... we had a demo and I realise that there are so many bugs... at least 8 of them for me to check them out. I have started debugging after the demo (and a meeting) and manage to debug one, pending two, can't reproduce two and remaining untouched yet. Haiz, I have thought some bugs should not happen because I have tried them on my machine. Anyway, haha... that's one of programmers' tasks - eliminate bugs. Haha... can't call ourselves Bug-buster, coz we create them as well. Haha...

Project 0812

Why do I always talk about these two things (Work and Project 0812)? Haha... that's pretty simple - these two are the only things on my to-do list. Haha... we thank God that Hong Ling has finished her GCE A'Level exams, and we can now concentrate on putting a good skit. Haha... so we will practice tomorrow, not sure if Enn Yew have found enough brothers and sisters to take part in the skit or not. Hehe...

I have been working (and thinking) on how to link all the activities on the outreach event up with a presentation. Not sure if we will be using it, but I did it for my own purpose as I need to bring out the complete picture of the gospel. Haha... then regarding the three persons for personal testimony, I got one - Clifton. Hehe... will confirm with him on Sunday again. Then still got two more. Not sure if Li Hui and Zhen Zhen wants to or not, I am sure I got a backup, either Tung Ngie or myself. Hehe... so I need to prepare for it as well. May God continue to bless His work! Hehe... and give His servants the the heart to be submissive to Him and do His work! Such a joy to serve my Lord.

My sister's birthday

My sister's birthday is tomorrow, but I can only sms her. Hehe... hopefully she can see it after she got back! Hehe... that's all for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work never ends

Project 0812

Oopsy, just realise last Saturday that double whacko isn't one of the icebreaker games for this outreach event. Hehe. We had our tracting session and though the response we had wasn't that good, we put all this into our Lord's hand. We have given some tracts to some teens and youths playing at basketball courts. We visited the basketball courts around Fook Chong's home. Li Ting and Li Hui led us around the basketball courts. There are 9 of us - Li Ting, Li Hui, Debbie, Zhen En, Tung Ngie, Enn Yew, Hong Ling, Hong Jan and me. Hehe...

We started around 3pm with discussions of the outreach event, then we broke into groups to pray for 15 minutes before we went out to give out tracts at 4.15pm. Haha... their home's clock is 15 minutes after the actual time, but a lot of time, I forgot about the fact and think that "wow, time sure flies today!" till the others reminded me. Haha...

During our discussion on what to pray about, we are reminded by Enn Yew not to be ashame of the gospel, and do not lose heart even when we see the attendance is low. Hehe... very true. All this work belongs to the Lord, not ours. We are just servants of the Lord, and do what He wants us to do. Hehe... also, we need to prepare our testimony, so that, in anytime we can share our testimony with our friends and relatives, so that they can know Christ through our testimony! How blessed we are as the children of God.

Still thinking and working on the words to link the activities up, so that it gives a clear picture of the true gospel. May my Lord continues to help me in this task.

Work, work, work

The first construction iteration for my project is coming to the end this week, and we will start off the next iteration next week. I think I am much excused for the current iteration that I just do what my team leader asked me to do, as I do not have some targets I need to produce by the end of an iteration. Next iteration, I don't think I am excused anymore. Be sure that they will give me a "thing" and expect me to deliver it on time at the end of that iteration. Haha... so need to be hardworking still, that I need to complete the implementation and its unit tests. Haha... true enough, work never ends... just like "money is never earned enough" (but what's the use of money after you left this world? You can't bring money out of this world anyway).

Going round and round, like a clock... that's my feeling towards work... and I am glad that God has given me two days break every week. Monday to Friday, everyday seems doing the same thing - wake up, read bible, breakfast, walk to work, work, return home, dinner, rest, read book and sleep. Haha... yeah, that is what I did every Monday to Friday. Thus I see that the only time I can make my weekdays different is my resting time. It depends on how I use that time... is it for my own entertainment? Is it for my Lord? so on... haha...

Still pondering whether to take leave on the end of December or next year's end of January. I know what's the airticket price like now, and all I can do is just pray and let God decide for me. He is the One and Only God who holds my future. If I don't ask Him, who do I ask? Haha... thus I need to pray and put my holiday plan onto His hand.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the mid of November

My birthday

My birthday has passed and it is just another day, haha... this year I have some cakes in the pantry with my colleagues and Tung Ngie (of course, haha...). Nothing much, but I like such quiet birthday. Haha, God didn't mention anyword when Christ was born, but human went and cracked a Dec 25. I read that it was actually previously for celebrating the birthday of some idols, sun god. Now they clothes the day with Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Really sad to hear that.

Another event, Good Friday and the following Resurrection day (受难日), human (women in this case) previously celebrated some god of fertility, so that they can be blessed with sons or daughters. However, you see that the tradition for this celebration still around, as there are "eggs" in a basket and the rabbit (the symbol for the god of fertility). So, another day clothed. Human trying to be holy? Haha.. I don't know.

Another art

Haha, what's that brown paper? Does it look like a treasure map? Hmm... anyone got any ideas how to make it better? Haha... but please, not too high tech, I am using Photoshop and still an intermediate player.


C1 Integration testing has begun this week, but looks like I have been assigned another task. Hence I don't know how's the progress is like, but I saw my teammates have quite a number of bugs to fix. Haha... early better than never! Hehe... I thank God for all His guidance that I have managed to produce some output to show my boss. Hehe...

Once Tung Ngie is cleared that he can take holidays in the end of Dec, then we will apply for the leave, hehe... that's all.

Project 0812

Looks like Dec 8 is approaching, haha... need to know how the groups are doing, especially the skit group, haha... not sure if they have finalised the scenes and the players, need to check that out. Another thing to check out will be the logistics for the games group. Wonder how's their preparation. Haha...

I came upon a verse today from 1 Peter. "... not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be ..." 1 Peter 5:2. Yea, not because we must, but because we are willing to serve God. Also from the same verse leading to the next, "... not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples ..." 1 Peter 5:2-3. Hehe... I have to keep remind myself the purpose of this event - to share God's word, and not to show forth my own talent. I am suppose to use my talent for the preparation of this event. Hehe... pray that God continues to watch over His children.

That's all. Haha... another weekends!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Album -- My Own Art Production

My Own Art Production

I have just added an album over at my MSN Space, "TungLeh's Lobby". The title is the name of the album. There are two pictures in it, depicting an all-tied-up game and a upgrade version of an usual-icebreaker game, whacko - double whacko! Haha... I don't remember when I first played it, but I remember this game was played during our 2nd year in NUS, when we organised the music camp for NUSHO. Hehe... the best double whacko game is when the group is not too big, or else only those simpler names (names that are easy to call) will be targeted more. We need to make it such that everyone has a go being a whacker (that means being whacked before you are "promoted" to whacker), hahaha...

The string game is left as a surprise at the moment. I blogged about it after I play it on December 8. Haha... these two are not the only icebreaker games we will be having. Hehe... soon I will come up with some arts for other activities for December 8 outreach event. Just to let you (anyone who read, and still deciding whether to come for our December 8 outreach event) know, there is a meaning for each activities we are having here, including the lunch! Haha... can you get the meaning for the lunch? Hehe... very easy de.

Speaking of lunch, Tung Ngie and I went down this afternoon to check out a restaurant downstair to see whether they work on December 8 (because it's a public holiday) and ask if they can cater for our lunch. However, they aren't open today. Thus, will ask them next time I saw them open. Hehe...


Just had a basketball throwing session with Tung Ngie. Haha... some miss some hit, haha... the usual thing. Hehe... my legs got a bit "suan" just by jumping a few times. Haha... old le? Haha... anyway, someone shared the court with us later... and when more people came, we two decided to leave. By then we have played around 47 min, think that's quite enough for our long-time-no-exercise body (and legs). Haha... now going to have a shower... then awaiting 7.30pm for Royal Trump drama on Channel U. That's the weekend... haha...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord

Philippians 4:4 says "Rejoice in the Lord always. I (apostle Paul) will say it again: Rejoice!". Apostle Paul was at the prison when he wrote an epistle to the church in Philippians. So rejoice in the Lord because we know our Lord is the (one and only) God who hears our prayers, as long as we are not pondering about sin. We know from Psalm 29 that no matter what circumstances or situation we are in, He is still in control of everything, He knows what we can bear and He will not let us bear what we can't.

Rejoice too for the moment I read about Acts, where the holy spirit comes down upon the Gentiles. I thank the Lord that He does not exclude us, non-Jews, from His mercy. How merciful our God is, that "... He gave His One and Only son ..." (John 3:16) to us. Although we have sinned against God, He still loves us so much. For these reason, you can't say you don't have anything to thank God. This is the biggest present that He gave us all.

Project 0812 updates

I thank God that He has provided His own workers for this outreach event. I pray for God's forgiveness as my hearts are blinded that I never realise that the content in the tract was not enough. I was thinking that as long as there's something to distribute, that's enough. But during our 3rd meeting, I thank the Lord that sister Enn Yew pointed out the missing contents in our design. "If this tract is hand to a non-believer, what would attract him/her? or is there any information to tell him what's this event all about?"

Thus, we made a couple of points down and back to the drawing board for the design. Hopefully the design could be done before the coming Sunday as we need to print by then. I thank God that on the just-over Sunday, we managed to finalize the schedule for the event. Yes, I really thank God that the discussion was brought up that day, although I was "lazy" to discuss about it at the beginning.

Now there's a slot in the schedule for "someone" to link all the purpose of every activities together. Haha... I am the first one to say that I can't, because I'll stammer in my speech. Truly, I have never been good in my speech, even I myself sometime don't get what I am trying to say. Sigh, no matter what language I am speaking. Sometime I thought I have planned the speech well, this then that then this then that... but when I am actually speaking them, my initial plan seems to be vanished, I lost what I am trying to say.

Although I have a desire to overcome this weakness, the fire (desire) is getting smaller and smaller when I thought about my previous experiences of speaking to a crowd (more than 2, I guess?) Thus, I continue to pray to God that He helps me in this, give me another chance and I think this is another chance for me... to learn to have faith in God and learn how to overcome my weakness.

Overcome my weakness

Speaking of my weakness, there's more terrible one, like hot-tempered or despise those who scold me, or order me around, etc. Yeah, I guess this is because of "pride and proud", haha... by looking at the words "pride" and "proud", they sure look similar. Haha... let's add in "price" too... haha... by being pride and proud, you will realise soon that you will pay a price for them. Hehe...

Sometime things don't work out between another person and you, right? The proud and pride will tempt you to "fight back!", "gain your positions!", "if you don't fight back, you're a loser!", "hey, stay our of my sight!". Wow... lots of examples there. Haha... worse still when you don't feel good, haha... the proud and pride will be like a spark for the fire (anger). Haha...

Another scenario will be the other person you are facing is not having a good day. Haha... you touched him, before you say "sorry" (if you wanna say so), he gave you an angry look. Woah... haha... you feel the heat. Last time, I always thought that I have got that person to heat up, feel sorry for him/her and I feel I am useless... haha don't need other people to look down on me, I have looked down on myself.

I give some thoughts on this and found that this is not the right way for a Christian. Christ doesn't give us a timid heart. So I am learning to face every situation with "What would Jesus do?". Although I know I can't possibly do that for all the time, I will try. Also, God told us not to judge others.

Am I really ready for...

I am still asking myself this question, "Am I really ready to be baptised?" Eventhough I am not clear now, I will continue to pray and make preparation in my heart to serve my Lord... Psalm 2:11 "Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling."

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Raining in the morning

I love weekends

Weekends again, how great it is. Haha... as I have mentioned before, ever since I have started working, I appreciated that I don't have to work on weekends. However, some brothers and sisters do work on weekends, especially when their name is stated in the shift roster. Anyway, it is not because "I hate working" or "working is tough", it is because men (and women of course) need rest. Hehe... God rested from all His work on the seventh day, after He has completed His work with six days.

Updates on my work

Still catching up to the schedule. Although I have finished all the parts assigned to me, I am currently helping my team leader to clear his pending works. However, most of my parts are on the client side, but the team leader's work is on the server side. So, it is quite hard to understand all the mechanism working in the server. Dealing with NHibernate and WCF, which I have no experience in both, though I am still learning (or adapting), to help him out. Haha...

After the kick-off meeting, I realised that the product my group is working on needs to be delivered on Mar 2009, but the product another group is working on will deliver at June 2009. Wow... no wonder the project leader is rushing my group. -.-"

That's all the updates, two more days we are going for integration testing. Hehe... no matter what situations or circumstances I am in, my Lord said that he is always by my side. If you have Christ in your heart (recognise you are a sinner, is willing to let Christ to sit on the throne of your heart, believe that Christ resurrected on the third day after he died), you, too, will have this joy and peace of heart. If you are a Christian, but don't have the joy and peace in your heart, pray to the Lord, and let him guide your way... and you must have a submissive heart to obey his words.

Updates on project 0812 preparation

October has gone and we are in the month of November. I have a month and 7 days to prepare for my gospel story. Hehe... I thank God that I found some nice pictures from the internet and I have re-done the slides for Genesis 1. This time, a slide for each day. Hehe...

Not much nice pictures for Adam and Eve, especially Eve. Anyway, our 3rd meeting will be this afternoon at my place here. Just mopped on Monday. Hehe... should be still quite clean I guess. Haha... I have planned the agenda and am going to have my breakfast soon. Hehe...

That's all for now. Still awaiting friends' sms whether they are coming or not. I have sent my invitation (in SMS) few days ago. Hope they received it... will send another one soon too. Hehe... Nov 23 is the latest time to submit the names of who's coming. Hehe... don't worry, we welcomed people who submit their names later than that, but try to be earlier so that we can make all the preparations beforehand. Hehe.... cheers! Jolly morning, it has been raining before I got up... bet those who are still on their bed, cuddling with their bolster, blanket, etc. Haha...