Saturday, November 01, 2008

Raining in the morning

I love weekends

Weekends again, how great it is. Haha... as I have mentioned before, ever since I have started working, I appreciated that I don't have to work on weekends. However, some brothers and sisters do work on weekends, especially when their name is stated in the shift roster. Anyway, it is not because "I hate working" or "working is tough", it is because men (and women of course) need rest. Hehe... God rested from all His work on the seventh day, after He has completed His work with six days.

Updates on my work

Still catching up to the schedule. Although I have finished all the parts assigned to me, I am currently helping my team leader to clear his pending works. However, most of my parts are on the client side, but the team leader's work is on the server side. So, it is quite hard to understand all the mechanism working in the server. Dealing with NHibernate and WCF, which I have no experience in both, though I am still learning (or adapting), to help him out. Haha...

After the kick-off meeting, I realised that the product my group is working on needs to be delivered on Mar 2009, but the product another group is working on will deliver at June 2009. Wow... no wonder the project leader is rushing my group. -.-"

That's all the updates, two more days we are going for integration testing. Hehe... no matter what situations or circumstances I am in, my Lord said that he is always by my side. If you have Christ in your heart (recognise you are a sinner, is willing to let Christ to sit on the throne of your heart, believe that Christ resurrected on the third day after he died), you, too, will have this joy and peace of heart. If you are a Christian, but don't have the joy and peace in your heart, pray to the Lord, and let him guide your way... and you must have a submissive heart to obey his words.

Updates on project 0812 preparation

October has gone and we are in the month of November. I have a month and 7 days to prepare for my gospel story. Hehe... I thank God that I found some nice pictures from the internet and I have re-done the slides for Genesis 1. This time, a slide for each day. Hehe...

Not much nice pictures for Adam and Eve, especially Eve. Anyway, our 3rd meeting will be this afternoon at my place here. Just mopped on Monday. Hehe... should be still quite clean I guess. Haha... I have planned the agenda and am going to have my breakfast soon. Hehe...

That's all for now. Still awaiting friends' sms whether they are coming or not. I have sent my invitation (in SMS) few days ago. Hope they received it... will send another one soon too. Hehe... Nov 23 is the latest time to submit the names of who's coming. Hehe... don't worry, we welcomed people who submit their names later than that, but try to be earlier so that we can make all the preparations beforehand. Hehe.... cheers! Jolly morning, it has been raining before I got up... bet those who are still on their bed, cuddling with their bolster, blanket, etc. Haha...


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