Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord

Philippians 4:4 says "Rejoice in the Lord always. I (apostle Paul) will say it again: Rejoice!". Apostle Paul was at the prison when he wrote an epistle to the church in Philippians. So rejoice in the Lord because we know our Lord is the (one and only) God who hears our prayers, as long as we are not pondering about sin. We know from Psalm 29 that no matter what circumstances or situation we are in, He is still in control of everything, He knows what we can bear and He will not let us bear what we can't.

Rejoice too for the moment I read about Acts, where the holy spirit comes down upon the Gentiles. I thank the Lord that He does not exclude us, non-Jews, from His mercy. How merciful our God is, that "... He gave His One and Only son ..." (John 3:16) to us. Although we have sinned against God, He still loves us so much. For these reason, you can't say you don't have anything to thank God. This is the biggest present that He gave us all.

Project 0812 updates

I thank God that He has provided His own workers for this outreach event. I pray for God's forgiveness as my hearts are blinded that I never realise that the content in the tract was not enough. I was thinking that as long as there's something to distribute, that's enough. But during our 3rd meeting, I thank the Lord that sister Enn Yew pointed out the missing contents in our design. "If this tract is hand to a non-believer, what would attract him/her? or is there any information to tell him what's this event all about?"

Thus, we made a couple of points down and back to the drawing board for the design. Hopefully the design could be done before the coming Sunday as we need to print by then. I thank God that on the just-over Sunday, we managed to finalize the schedule for the event. Yes, I really thank God that the discussion was brought up that day, although I was "lazy" to discuss about it at the beginning.

Now there's a slot in the schedule for "someone" to link all the purpose of every activities together. Haha... I am the first one to say that I can't, because I'll stammer in my speech. Truly, I have never been good in my speech, even I myself sometime don't get what I am trying to say. Sigh, no matter what language I am speaking. Sometime I thought I have planned the speech well, this then that then this then that... but when I am actually speaking them, my initial plan seems to be vanished, I lost what I am trying to say.

Although I have a desire to overcome this weakness, the fire (desire) is getting smaller and smaller when I thought about my previous experiences of speaking to a crowd (more than 2, I guess?) Thus, I continue to pray to God that He helps me in this, give me another chance and I think this is another chance for me... to learn to have faith in God and learn how to overcome my weakness.

Overcome my weakness

Speaking of my weakness, there's more terrible one, like hot-tempered or despise those who scold me, or order me around, etc. Yeah, I guess this is because of "pride and proud", haha... by looking at the words "pride" and "proud", they sure look similar. Haha... let's add in "price" too... haha... by being pride and proud, you will realise soon that you will pay a price for them. Hehe...

Sometime things don't work out between another person and you, right? The proud and pride will tempt you to "fight back!", "gain your positions!", "if you don't fight back, you're a loser!", "hey, stay our of my sight!". Wow... lots of examples there. Haha... worse still when you don't feel good, haha... the proud and pride will be like a spark for the fire (anger). Haha...

Another scenario will be the other person you are facing is not having a good day. Haha... you touched him, before you say "sorry" (if you wanna say so), he gave you an angry look. Woah... haha... you feel the heat. Last time, I always thought that I have got that person to heat up, feel sorry for him/her and I feel I am useless... haha don't need other people to look down on me, I have looked down on myself.

I give some thoughts on this and found that this is not the right way for a Christian. Christ doesn't give us a timid heart. So I am learning to face every situation with "What would Jesus do?". Although I know I can't possibly do that for all the time, I will try. Also, God told us not to judge others.

Am I really ready for...

I am still asking myself this question, "Am I really ready to be baptised?" Eventhough I am not clear now, I will continue to pray and make preparation in my heart to serve my Lord... Psalm 2:11 "Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling."

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