Friday, November 21, 2008

Start to get hot


My busy time came earlier than expected (next week as I mentioned in my previous post). It was today. My boss took a look at my work, a configuration tool. He then told me that I didn't add this and that. He told me that his "OK" includes validation, user-friendliness and full functionality. Haha... looks like we have a different definition of "OK" haha... his "OK" is my "Finish". Haha... anyway, look like I need to be more hardworking than usual le, as time is not on my side. Haha...

Another surprise thing is that I have some bugs to debug... we had a demo and I realise that there are so many bugs... at least 8 of them for me to check them out. I have started debugging after the demo (and a meeting) and manage to debug one, pending two, can't reproduce two and remaining untouched yet. Haiz, I have thought some bugs should not happen because I have tried them on my machine. Anyway, haha... that's one of programmers' tasks - eliminate bugs. Haha... can't call ourselves Bug-buster, coz we create them as well. Haha...

Project 0812

Why do I always talk about these two things (Work and Project 0812)? Haha... that's pretty simple - these two are the only things on my to-do list. Haha... we thank God that Hong Ling has finished her GCE A'Level exams, and we can now concentrate on putting a good skit. Haha... so we will practice tomorrow, not sure if Enn Yew have found enough brothers and sisters to take part in the skit or not. Hehe...

I have been working (and thinking) on how to link all the activities on the outreach event up with a presentation. Not sure if we will be using it, but I did it for my own purpose as I need to bring out the complete picture of the gospel. Haha... then regarding the three persons for personal testimony, I got one - Clifton. Hehe... will confirm with him on Sunday again. Then still got two more. Not sure if Li Hui and Zhen Zhen wants to or not, I am sure I got a backup, either Tung Ngie or myself. Hehe... so I need to prepare for it as well. May God continue to bless His work! Hehe... and give His servants the the heart to be submissive to Him and do His work! Such a joy to serve my Lord.

My sister's birthday

My sister's birthday is tomorrow, but I can only sms her. Hehe... hopefully she can see it after she got back! Hehe... that's all for now.

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