Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work never ends

Project 0812

Oopsy, just realise last Saturday that double whacko isn't one of the icebreaker games for this outreach event. Hehe. We had our tracting session and though the response we had wasn't that good, we put all this into our Lord's hand. We have given some tracts to some teens and youths playing at basketball courts. We visited the basketball courts around Fook Chong's home. Li Ting and Li Hui led us around the basketball courts. There are 9 of us - Li Ting, Li Hui, Debbie, Zhen En, Tung Ngie, Enn Yew, Hong Ling, Hong Jan and me. Hehe...

We started around 3pm with discussions of the outreach event, then we broke into groups to pray for 15 minutes before we went out to give out tracts at 4.15pm. Haha... their home's clock is 15 minutes after the actual time, but a lot of time, I forgot about the fact and think that "wow, time sure flies today!" till the others reminded me. Haha...

During our discussion on what to pray about, we are reminded by Enn Yew not to be ashame of the gospel, and do not lose heart even when we see the attendance is low. Hehe... very true. All this work belongs to the Lord, not ours. We are just servants of the Lord, and do what He wants us to do. Hehe... also, we need to prepare our testimony, so that, in anytime we can share our testimony with our friends and relatives, so that they can know Christ through our testimony! How blessed we are as the children of God.

Still thinking and working on the words to link the activities up, so that it gives a clear picture of the true gospel. May my Lord continues to help me in this task.

Work, work, work

The first construction iteration for my project is coming to the end this week, and we will start off the next iteration next week. I think I am much excused for the current iteration that I just do what my team leader asked me to do, as I do not have some targets I need to produce by the end of an iteration. Next iteration, I don't think I am excused anymore. Be sure that they will give me a "thing" and expect me to deliver it on time at the end of that iteration. Haha... so need to be hardworking still, that I need to complete the implementation and its unit tests. Haha... true enough, work never ends... just like "money is never earned enough" (but what's the use of money after you left this world? You can't bring money out of this world anyway).

Going round and round, like a clock... that's my feeling towards work... and I am glad that God has given me two days break every week. Monday to Friday, everyday seems doing the same thing - wake up, read bible, breakfast, walk to work, work, return home, dinner, rest, read book and sleep. Haha... yeah, that is what I did every Monday to Friday. Thus I see that the only time I can make my weekdays different is my resting time. It depends on how I use that time... is it for my own entertainment? Is it for my Lord? so on... haha...

Still pondering whether to take leave on the end of December or next year's end of January. I know what's the airticket price like now, and all I can do is just pray and let God decide for me. He is the One and Only God who holds my future. If I don't ask Him, who do I ask? Haha... thus I need to pray and put my holiday plan onto His hand.

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