Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy busy busy

Always hope for the opposite

When I am busy, I always want to be free... when I am free, I always want to find something to do. Haha... that's human heart, never satisfy. However, I am in the former state (the busy state). Haha... I thank God that I manage to complete some of my pending tasks today, still have some more for the week and I have one day left for the week. Very busy... can't wait to get the project over with. Cracking my brains on the WCF, Webservice, EnterpriseLibrary, what the?? Haha... I know those are new technologies, but I have never got myself comfortable with them yet, but I need to work with them in order to complete my tasks.

Speaking of writing unit test for my codes, I have not yet start writing although I know how to write. I want to write a good unit test, but sometimes it is just so hard, because time is not on your side... and your boss thinks everything can be done with a snap of fingers... come on, I have been cracking my brain so hard, thinking what is a better way to implement my codes (so that I can copy and paste faster)... ensuring no compilation error and trying to fit to the current implementation as well... click this and click that, waste most of my time looking for the "right" codes to copy and paste... and then do some refactoring (I need to rename manually for some parts)... then "I thought you said you can finish 'these' this week." ... -.-" duh, this week not yet end... I still got another day (well, the boss' quite right... how could I possibly finish 'these' in a day?) haha... sure is busy busy busy...

Looking forward

Haha... there are somethings that I am looking forward to, i.e. Dec 24-26 (holiday), Dec 28 (Sunday School day), End of March (End of my current project) and June 11-14 (Gospel Camp). These are some "known" events... some unknown "looking forward" events - > New House; > Return to KB; > Finish my tuition grant bond; > New church location. Of course, all these are in God's hand as He knows what's the best for the church.

Project 0812 Debrief

Hey, I am still keeping the email - Hehe... hmm thinking how come I write 1208 instead of 0812. Hmm there must be a reason... haha... oh ya... will have a debrief on this coming Saturday with the committee to reflect what we have learnt from organising this event... this makes me see that I have a lot a lot to learn... I think I took things too lightly, didn't consider the severity of my actions and decisions. I am not a quick-make-decision type of guy (thus you know why I have so many pending tasks - I have been talking about it for the last few posts - I keep on thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the possible ways).

I think the true reason is that I lose my focus on the objective of the event... I forget that the true purpose of this outreach event is to spread the gospel and I got carried away by my mental image - "You are tired!" or "You have never make a correct decision"...

I thank God that He has been telling me to come back to Him with the lessons that I learn from the Sunday School - Apostle Paul reminded us to look forward, don't look behind - reminding me not to look back at all my poor decisions that I have made before thus causing me to fear for making decisions that are coming at me. In fact, we have repeated this lesson during our Sunday School. All in all, I thank God that He provided His own workers! I remember from George Muller's testimony that when his orphanage is in need of money, he didn't even ask from the church, or any brothers and sisters... he just keep praying to God... and God provided His own workers and provide his orphanages' financial needs. I saw God's hand at work as three brothers and sisters are willing to share their testimony during the outreach event, and two sisters willing to join us as counsellors.

I thank God that we have enough food, and God has blessed us with the drinks as well. Hehe.... most importantly, I thank God that He continues to encourage us by telling us not to lose heart, and do not use the attendance or the number of converts to rate our effort. As long as we do our part, God will do His. Let us gather treasure in the heaven, not on earth.

Planning ahead

I wonder if any brothers and sisters want to have an outing in East Coast Park on Dec 24. Haha... we can do cycling, jogging, kayaking, picnic, or prepare for our presentation on Sunday School day? Hehe... I guess this Project 0812 is a chance for me to learn, so that I can improve in my service to my Lord in the committee of Gospel Camp in June 2009. May my Lord gives us the burden to spread His words! Pray that Tung Lieng has a safe journey home to KB on Dec 19. Hehe... pray that God bless the KB church, have a wonderful time with God during their family camp in KK. Hehe...


Tang said...

u propose for a tyf outing la on dec 24 lo...

but maybe need to spend sometime preparing dec28 de sunday school open day.

Tung Leh said...

Haha... i didn't thought of the sunday school open day when i wrote this post