Thursday, December 04, 2008

December in Singapore

December in Singapore

This is the first time I am going to spend my December in Singapore. Previously I would have gone back home to KB for the month, spent time with my family. However, this year is different, I can get to go for my church's open day on Dec 25. Haha... (I have never been to my church's open day before) How glad I am to be a member of my Lord's home, because I have so many brothers and sisters to share every joy and sorrow we have. Hehe...

In one of the service, the speaker mentioned about two brothers (the elder one is a Christian, but the younger not). Once they went for travel around the world, and at every place they were going to spend the night, they always stay in a house of a "friend". Then the younger brother got curious and ask his big brother, "Hey bro, you have never told me that you have friends all over the world!". The elder brother replied, "These are not my friends, but my brothers and sisters in Christ." Haha... looks like this elder brother did some homework before he went travelling - contact the local churches' brothers and sisters before he went visit that place. Haha...

Work never ends

Nevertheless, speaking of my work, it is very challenging. Also, still learning to apply God's word in our life. Hehe. His word comforts my heart when I looked down on my schedule and felt tense that I have so many to-do in such a short time. Haha... once this week my boss and team leader came to my desk. The team leader jotted down my pending tasks, then my boss asked me when I expect to complete them. I looked at my pending tasks, ticked some of them and said that I could complete those I ticked by next week. The boss looked at me and told me that he expected by this week. Haha... see what did I tell you? Sure it is tense. Haha... anyway I told them that I will try my best (give myself some breathing space) but I don't want to overestimate myself, or else I won't be able to complete by next week as well (haha, then I can pack up and go le). The boss didn't say anything, just went away.

I have been working till 6.20pm++ for these few days, (today 6.55pm), trying to meet the expectation, but not sure if I can complete those I ticked tomorrow or not. Haha... thank God for the long weekends (next Monday is a public holiday, when we will have our outreach event - The Game of Life). I will continue to pray to my Lord for wisdom to complete my pending tasks in His time. Hehe... He knows me the best, and how much work I can handle. Hopefully I won't think too much when I am coding, as in, there are many ways to tackle a problem, and I tend to spend time thinking about their advantages and disadvantages, thus delaying my work. Haha...

Project 0812

Yes, next Monday is our outreach event. I thank God that He has prepared his own workers for His work. I have finally settled the three brothers and sisters to share their personal testimonies. Next, I have also chosen 3 sections in the video - The Case For the Creator, that should take approximately 30 minutes in total. Finally, I have written my sharing to link up all the activities with the gospel. Hopefully I can get it checked before Dec 8, haha... and need to practice before Dec 8.

Speaking of practicing on Sunday (Dec 7) night, I thought of the drama series TungNgie and I have been watching every weekends - Royal Tramp on Channel U. The drama series ended on Saturday (Dec 6) night. Thus I will have plenty time to practice on the night of Dec 7. Haha... God knows that I won't practice if the drama series had not ended. Haha... He sure knows us better than ourselves (He paid a great price for us). Haha... I thank my Lord God that He has opened my eyes to acknowledge myself as a sinner, willing to throw away any idols' in my heart, and let Him sit on the throne of my heart. Without Him, I don't dare to think what I will be.

Hopefully I can continue to spread the gospel to my dad, the only member in my family who has not believe in Christ. I will continue to pray that God will open his eyes one day, and he will be willing to acknowledge himself as a sinner, need Christ's blood to cleanse his heart. Thus, willing to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, be a member of God's children.

Tomorrow (Dec 5, Friday), we will practice for the skit for our outreach event. Hong Ling, Enn Yew and Tung Ngie have tough roles. I thank God that I can be a part of the skit too, and they assigned me an easy role... but I must force myself not to laugh. Haha... oopz... sorry... NG NG! The Great Exchange is the title of the skit. May the meaning of the story be clear to those who watch it, especially those who are not yet a Christian.

Haha... I learnt that phrase "those who are not yet a Christian" from Vincent, one of our brothers in church. He asked Tung Ngie whether all our family members are Christian or not. Then we told him that only my dad is not a Christian. He corrected us by saying that he is not yet a Christian. Haha... we must all have faith that God will work in His own time, we just have to keep sowing the seeds, the seeds will grow if God allows them to. Haha... most important thing is that we must not take God's word for granted. Hehe...

God blesses all His children and may His number of children increases every moment so that there are cheers and celebrations in the heaven!

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