Tuesday, December 09, 2008

House warming

Project 0812

This is the first item on the list that I want to thank God for. I have learnt a lot of precious lessons from this outreach event. Although I have to guard the house, my heart went along with all the brothers and sisters, and friends who are yet-a-Christians who have enjoyed themselves with the icebreaker games and the treasure hunt. Hehe... I am glad that God has marcy on these friends that they could join us for the day (though some left after some activities).

I thank God that I manage not to laugh during the play, haha... then I make the summary to link up all the activities for the day... I should have put the verses I want to read out on the slides, so that it'll be easier for the audience to read than to listen. Haha... anyway, after the event, it is like I can put down the bag that I have been carrying. Haha... for once my public holiday is not wasted. Haha...

Personal Testimony

Yea, it is so important to write my own personal testimony hehe... will write soon...


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 3 days left for the week and I need to write three "user controls"... so each for each day. Hehe... hopefully I can get them all done this week, so that next week I can spend time furnishing them, make them more user-friendly. Hehe... I have used one day to do an "user control" today... I realise how slow I am, but I just can't help it... just always think too much, hehe... think of the advantages and disadvantages of implementation. Haha...

That's all for now. I thank God for all things!

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