Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to normal

Finally blogspot is backed to normal on my laptop... (in case some people may not face the same problem as me), so now I have two places where I can blog, Blogspot or MSN Space. Hehe... anyway, I am those seldom-blog type of person, so I will blog whichever I want to then. Haha... if I post on my MSN Space, then my blogroll here will be able to signal there's new update over there. Haha... so no problem I guess, hehe... that's all...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

What happen to blogspot?

Hmm wondering what had happened to blogspot... it has not been working very well and I can't update the layout section. All the rich text editor seems to be all broken down... if the rich text editor is not working, then I may consider moving to my MSN Space.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another trial on the fish

Today is our third time frying the fish (in mandarin, it is 煎鱼, not 炸鱼) Haha... the fish took us 1 hour... and while eating, though my brother and I are sure that the fish is cooked (edible), we two still can't be too confident that it is really cooked. Haha... we still have another fish in the fridge, so another last chance we can try on the fish.

Unlike the previous two fish whose internal organs my grandfather has removed, this time my brother, Tung Ngie, needs to remove the internal organs himself. We had a smelly biology class... anyway, he managed to get the fish to clean up and ready to cook. Haha...

Still waiting for the time my Lord allows me to go back to KB, hehe... only His time is the best... In His Time. Hehe...

Here are some photos taken for our first and second trials on the fish:

We have also added tomato sauce (+onion + etc...) to the fish on our third trial, also the fish was bigger this time. Hehe... it covered the whole plate, unlike the one shown above. Also, the dish accompanying was different as well. Haha...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Geylang June gospel camp

The Teen-Youth camp, themed "Always be Ready" has been ongoing now for almost two days now. Hopefully all the brothers and sisters participating the camp have been healthy, and learning how to be a disciple-maker. Hehe...

I thank the Lord that the gospel camp has gone well. It is a pity that the non-believers couldn't join us full-time during the camp, thus hopefully we could produce the recordings of the theme talk and the verses that the speaker (Bro. Tan Seng Chee) have mentioned, so that the non-believers can benefit from them, although it is better to show them the verses from the bible. Hehe... only the Holy Spirit can move their heart to see who the true savior is.

Previously I have "expected" a lot from the non-believers when I try to share the gospel. I thought that they would be a "good" listener, have a heart that trying to find a way to save themselves, a mind that trying to find the truth. Thus, when I first shared the gospel (well, trying to share), I got the unexpected "return" from them - cold face, uninterest speech and unprepared questions. I always have this thought, "hey, I am trying to share the gospel with you, its the only way you can save yourselves. Don't regret if you stop me from telling ya! It's your soul your problem. Sorry that I am trying to be a 'nice guy' here."

I joined Bro. Soon Yong's bible study class three times before and he once shared with us what sinners are. Apart from suppressing the truth, they are not truth-seeker. Thus my expectations of the sinners being a "good" listener, a heart and mind that is looking for the truth are very wrong indeed. Also, during a sharing with brothers and sisters (after tracting session), one of the teachers mentioned that we shouldn't be sorry to share the gospels with others. Previously, I also dare not share the gospel because I scared that the person I am sharing with will think that I am looking down on their belief. Later I realised that the gospel is actually to point out their unbelief, and I should not be afraid of sharing the gospel. Just like if I have been sent to an area where an earthquake has struck to rescue the victims. I can't be thinking "If I rescue the victims, the victims will think that I am looking down on them that they can't save themselves." Don't forget that we, adopted children of our Lord, are His ambassadors in the world to spread His gospel.

The speaker shared the theme message "Jesus is alive" with us from Revelation 1:1-20. His message also includes the Great White throne judgement and the New Heaven and Earth. I remembered the Great White throne judgement when I think about all my friends and relatives whom are yet to believe. The New Heaven and Earth reminds me of the great hope that we, do-ers of the Lord's word, have in the last days. We will all be gather up to the Lord and enjoy the wonderful new heaven and earth. Revelation 21:4 ~ He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

One of our sisters, Delina Swee, has left to work in Stockholm, Sweden. She has went with her sister, Celina on Sunday night. Thanks the Lord that the sisters able to reach the destination safely. Continue to pray for their accomodation, meals, service to the Lord, etc there in Sweden, also pray that Sis. Celina has a safe trip back. Bro. Eddie and their children must have missed her a lot. Don't forget to pray for Bro. Eddie for all the household chores since Sis. Celina is away for a week.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Preparation for incoming gospel camp

Camp details:
June 10-13, NUS Prince George's Park Residence
Theme: Jesus is alive

For your information, the theme talk is open for all. The time is 7.30pm-9.30pm and the venue is NUS PGP Function Room 1. I thank the Lord for we have two campers who have yet known the Lord. Hopefully they have prepared their heart to listen to the truth. Hehe...

May all brethens be mentally, physically and spiritually be prepared for this camp, because it is a gospel camp. Haha... a battle against Satan.

The only two matters not yet settled are the food and the recorder. May God help us with this. Hopefully the person we aliasing for the food is able to respond quickly, and that I can get a MP3 recorder from the Queenstown centre. If not, then we will sought to use voice recorder in handphones. Haha... at least we got something to fall behind to. Haha... we all are servants of Christ. This camp belongs to the Lord, and may the Lord helps us in all the last minute's preparations. I need to prepare some short intro for each video we will be playing. Haha... hmm better have a bath before starting... days are so hot. Haha...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mid year - June

Finally I blog today. Haha... it is a very very long time since I last posted - before I am baptized, before Tung Lieng attended his graduation from SP, before I moved house. After I have started packing my stuff, I guess I have not posted anything till now.

I will put up some photos of my bro's graduation picture over at TungLeh's lobby. Ooo... June 10-13 is near now, a few days left for our gospel camp to start. This will be my first time being a camp commander, kinda scary, but I know God has prepared lessons for me to learn. I thank my Lord that sisters Poh Choo, Delina, Enn Yew and Zhen Zhen have helped me on my first "trial" that really frightened me. I need to learn how to depend on my Lord more... I should have approach one of the sisters to attend to this matter because they are more suitable. Really, in the preparation for this camp, I think I have not put in my best, and I still can't overcome my "fear of men". Pray that my Lord continues to lead me... and I think being a camp commander is one way God is trying to help me to overcome "fear of men" - tackling the non-believers.

Let us all pray and work together for this incoming camp. Hehe... also pray for the Teen Youth camp that follows our camp. Hehe... I will list them under my "Coming Activities".

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

First annual leave

我曾经拿过half-day leave及timeoff,但是今天是我第一次请假一天。今天早上就忙着收拾东西,最重要把一些抽屉里的东西都放进箱子里,或者把东西放在一处,要收拾时,就不需要那边看看这边探探了,哈哈。真是累啊。去洗个澡清醒,干净多了。


打算开电视,但是电视却not functioning。唉,就只好拿出我们自己的小电视来看。天气非常地热,不管水电费这个月会升多少,尽管多用水电吧。哈哈。没什么就在这里停笔了,明天得回去上班了。哈哈。

Sunday, April 19, 2009


我的头发变轻了,真舒服。只可惜我们曾经剪头发的一间店在Ghim Za的没有开。所以只好回到Bedok来去楼下的那间剪。因为楼下的是那种属于比较modern的,所以对他们来说,我要的传统发型是非常的不容易。前几次来这里剪都不是我们喜欢的,觉得还是有点长,只能耐得了两个月。我们曾经去的那间是剪华人理想传统的剪发店,所以不用多解释,他们剪的就是我要的,而且可以耐三个月。哈哈。



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好了,我得准备下星期六的TYF了,因为我负责一组Character Study on Jasper from the book In His Steps。哈哈。我这个Character study的重点是如何拿这Jasper来做我们的前车之鉴(不要学他),把他在书中所行的当作我们基督徒的警戒以及提醒。哈哈。


Saturday, April 04, 2009


早上起床就开始上厕所,不知昨晚吃错了什么,或者是否吃得太急。来想想昨晚吃了什么:打包回来的kolo面,apple + aloe vera fruit juice及放冰箱很久的冰淇淋。罪魁祸首绝对不是fruit juice的,因为我喝了很多次,剩下面和冰淇淋。我怀疑是那冰淇淋,哈哈。可是那冰淇淋还没过期啊,怎么会使我泻肚子呢?可能太久没吃冰淇淋了,一两口就把它解决了使我的肚子忽热(吃面)忽冷(吃冰淇淋),适应不过来。哈哈,这些都是我的猜疑。

我一共去了三次,然后因为要出门了,才找我的止泻药来阻止我再泻肚子。那药真有效,吃了我就不再泻肚子了。我们搭地铁、巴士到Gleneagle Hospital “探访”显友老师。我们从显友老师那里取空箱子,准备搬家。最后我们在显友老师那里待到正午一点钟。敦义在那里帮忙setup无线的keyboard和printer。我就在那里有时帮忙,有时坐在一旁,看报纸。哈哈。




Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Service 2009

Some updates




Friday, March 20, 2009

Just be patient

Solving bugs

As a programmer, I know it is very tedious to solve bugs, especially those bugs that required "some" tracing up and down before you can finally locate where the real error is. I have been working till late night, 9 to 10pm. How glad I am when I was back in my home... I'll be more glad if I could be HOME in KB. Haha... very tired... and the bugs just keep coming (there are people who are digging up the bugs, and they are so effective that they digged as many bugs as we, developers, can solve bugs)

I felt like there is a war ongoing between the diggers and the developers... nothing wrong with that, the diggers are doing their job... but it is so hard when you are trying to find way to solve one bug, then you saw the diggers coming along to tell you that they found more bugs. It just never end - Today before you leave the office, you could have 6 bugs left. The next day, you realized that you have 8 more bugs added (that's make it 14)... something you don't always wish for. Why do I say its a war? There's one field where the diggers and the developers can state which category the bugs fell in. One category is Software Bug, and another is User Error. It is like if a bug categorised as Software Bug, the diggers earn a point. If it is User Error, the diggers deduct a point, so they do all means to argue that it is Software Bug so that they don't get "deducted".

Haiz... sometime I think the time used for "discussing" which category the bugs should fall in should have been better spent in solving bugs. Then there's another category call Improvement. When the diggers told us that something will be good for the user, we never agree or disagree, they just log the bug... oh man... don't they know the number of bugs left in the database is critical at this moment? The big boss is asking us to decrease the number of bugs logged in the database (the only way is to respond to these bugs in the database)... although I can put it under Improvement, I still need to respond to the log. Haiz... anyway... that's a programmer's life... create bugs - dig bugs (may be someone else's job) - solve bugs! The time given to create bugs is longer than the time given to solve bugs, but their number could be similar...

Sometime I reflect this on the things created by God and the things made by men. There's no fault in God's creation but full of faults in man-made things. Hehe... don't you think so? Computer, airplane, boat, rockets, software, including food like MILK POWDER! What can I say apart from praising my Lord because He is the perfect One. Praise the Lord, Amen!

Be patient

Yes, one lesson I keep on telling myself... and it is only the Lord's strength, I can still manage to cope... (if not, I think I would be throwing tantrum at the diggers) and control myself not to burn up against the diggers. Haha... but I got the fear that whenever I saw them walking by, I always wish that they don't stop at my table. Haha... that's all for now... finally a post. Haha... continue to learn in God's will... and repent on all the sins I committed against my Lord. He hears our prayers. The question is "Do you trust Him?".

Friday, March 06, 2009


Full of Sermons

Website: This website contains lots of sermons, whether sermons by bible, sermons by topic and many more. Haha... while preparing for my sharing this coming Sunday on Proverbs 2, I choose "Sermons by bible" > "Proverbs 2", then I have a whole list of sermons related to Proverbs 2. I picked "The Pursuit of Wisdom and Protection from the Wicked" from Trinity Church by Dr Greg Mazak. It is not bad. Haha... manage to pick up some unnoticed points. One of the points the preacher touched on is v.13 where the wicked man is someone "who leave the paths of uprightness" (NKJV), meaning the dangerous men/women are those who claimed themselves as Christians, who claimed to know the Scripture as well. That's pretty true and Christ, while he was on earth, told us to be careful of these people.

Soiree 2009 Harmonica Orchestra Annual Concert

Although I am not playing this year, I still would like to promote for this concert. I have played for 4 years (throughout my uni years) and I can say it is very "tough" training but "happy" when the event is over of course. Haha... everyone is happy for the night. So, I urge everyone to help support my juniors, and seniors (alumni who are willing to help). If my Lord allows, I am sure I will go back to help the orchestra. I believe my Lord has used the orchestra to provide me with all the training - being stage manager, concert manager, ex-concert manager, interactions with people, (friends, juniors and seniors), etc. My Lord allows to know these friends, is like handing me the responsibility to share the gospel with them, but I admit I have no "courage" to share the gospel at that time. Now, it is harder to gather with friends, because everyone is working now. But the responsibilities still there.

Oh ya, Soiree 2009 Harmonica Orchestra Annual Concert, Sunday 22 March! 5pm! Ticket sales at $15 and $20, much much cheaper than those concerts you saw on TV ($100++ from SISTIC). Please support, thank you very much! Hehe... by the way, I will be going... since I am not going back to Brunei on that day. Haha... here is the poster of the concert. Click to see the full picture.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ridiculous drama series

"New" Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传)

FYI, this drama series is shown on every weekend's 7.30-9.30pm. I like the ending song (for each series), haha... but I do not like its content, felt more draggy and very no inline with the actual novel I read. However, I heard that this novel itself has been republished with new contents as well by the author (金庸) himself, and maybe this drama series tries to follow that newer version? Haha... probably. I still prefer the one I read, because I heard that the author put extra stuff for the new version, IMO, a bit 色.

For the drama series for Condor Heroes, I still prefers the one whom the main character is played by 李亚鹏. Think that is leaning more towards the storyline of the version I read. Hehe...

Big drops today

It was raining heavily today after we had finished tracting. Even with umbrella, my pants are all wet and water entered my socks and shoes, looks like I don't have to wash my shoes. Haha... they have been washed now. Haha... however, the bad thing is that the things in my bag are wet... now they are all in display, like a museum. Haha... hopefully they can be dry soon but I can't get rid of the wrinkles of the papers when they are wet. Sad... :(

Already sick, not sure if I will recover so soon after this rain. Hehe...

Waiting for weekends

Everyweek we have been waiting for weekends to come. Hehe... March now, Feb was over. Time flies very very fast. Hehe... next weekend, March 7 and 8, think I have something on March 7. Hehe... going back to NUS to check it out... haha...

All things in God's hand. Hehe...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Maybe it's not the time yet

Can't go home to KB

At first I was intending to go home on March 16 for a week, something crops up and looks like it's not the time yet for me to go home. Hehe... I trust that my Lord's timing is the best, and He knows what's the best for me. So, continue to stay here in Singapore then. Hehe..

Tomorrow big day for someone

We 3 are going to attend Kenneth's wedding thanksgiving service tomorrow morning, and also a dinner. Hehe, we see how well God has placed His children together. May God continue to bless them as it is another "homework" to learn being a husband or a wife. Hehe...

Job update

Still going well I guess, bug fixing everyday and hopefully these bugs will all be eliminated. However, these bugs don't seem so easily be contained... one clear, you get some more again. Bah... that's all for now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trust the Lord

Youth Fellowship on Feb 21, 2009

Although I am considered as "Young Adult" now, it's not awkward as well for me to attend youth fellowship, right? Hehe... the most important thing is what I have learnt about my Lord during the fellowship and how I can apply it to our daily live. Also, it is important that brothers and sisters can encourage one another, help one another, know more about one another and pray for one another during the fellowship. It is important for all of us to know who we are worshipping - the One and Only God, our Lord.

Speaking of that, I remembered that I have not start reading through the verses given during Geylang Teen-Youth committee bible study. Haha... oopsie... will start soon, good thing I still remember! Haha. The topic we studying is "Fellowship" as well.

Coming back to our youth fellowship, we watched a video by Joshua Harris, giving a message on "Trust". The first two video were on "What is true love?" and "Purity". I like the poem mentioned by Joshua, which I barely remember by now, (poor memory). Hehe... Joshua's message this time is to encourage us to redeem our time, the time we are single. Don't think that "if I am married, I would do this... and that... etc", don't live in the future or NATO (no action think only), haha... but make use of our time now to pursue godliness.

He mentioned about a boy, Peter, who was very impatient. Once he met an old lady who gave him a silver ball with a golden thread sticking out of it. The old lady told Peter that this thread represent his life and if he pulled the thread, the time will past very quickly. Peter took the ball to school. The teacher was talking non-stop and he started to feel bored. He remembered this silver ball in his bag. "Let's see if this silver ball really that magical." His hand went into his bag and he pulled a bit on the thread. The next thing he know, the school dismissed.

"Wow!" Peter was so excited. "If I pull more, then I would have graduated. Let's try!" He pulled longer than the previous trial. Zoom, he graduated. He had a girlfriend, but his girlfriend is not yet ready for marriage. "Oh Peter, give me another year, I want to learn how to be a good wife. I believe the time will fly soon." his girlfriend said. Peter thought, "Oh yeah, the time will fly very very fast." After his girlfriend left, he pulled the thread again and he had married his girlfriend, started to have his own family. When he met with any problem in life, he just pulled the thread to get over with them... soon he is at the end of his thread, and when he looked back, he felt he has not learnt anything in life because he has fast-forwarded every problem or chance that he can learn something...

Trust in the Lord for God's timing is the best. Don't complain, because complaining means "hey God, I hate your arrangement, how about giving me more of this and that that I like to do?", are you more superior than God? No, God created the world with His word, "Let there be light, and there is light". Contented is not something you gain from looking forward, but looking at what you already have, e.g. "If I have that, then I'll happy" describes someone who is not contented. Thus let us be contented on what we already have, for what we have are all given by God. Moreover, these belong to God, we are just servants of God, taking care of these things for Him. These could be refering to time, money, mental, health, including our body! Hehe...

Good night

Nothing much now, going to bed now... feel like going to be sick, but hopefully I drink enough water to keep myself healthy. Hehe... trust in the Lord. ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One of the weekend

It's Saturday again and after a week spent with my dad, I thank God that Tung Ngie and I managed to share God's word with him, and I will continue to pray that God will one day open his eyes and hearts, to see that we can never able to only use our own strength to overcome all the difficulties in this world. My dad said "He will only believe Christ if he sees Christ for himself", my thought to this is "You don't want to see him so soon, do you? Because the time when you see him, you can't choose to believe him anymore, because you would have left the world." If someone says he/she will only believe what he/she see, then ask him/her whether he/she believes in wind or not. We can't see wind, but we can only feel it. Ask him/her how he/she can prove there is wind to someone who don't believe in wind.

Seeing is not believing because things you can see are temporary items but things you can't see last eternally. All shall be past, except God's word that will remain eternally. God is going to create a new heaven and earth, and there will be no tears, no pains, etc. God gives us a glimpse of how the new heaven and earth looks like in the last book of the bible. It is such a wonderful description and I am full of joy that I am guranteed to see this new heaven and earth that God has prepared for all His children. I can't wait go there...

Before Christ ascended to the heaven, he has given all his disciples a commandment - to spread his word and make disciples from all nations, languages and speech. I thank the Lord that he has given me this burden in my heart that I have always wanted to share the gospel and my testimony with brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. God has shown His love to us first, before we know how to love one another. Really, I have too much to thank God for.

I believe there will be someone's birthday every day and let me tell you the truth, the greatest gift is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Happy birthday Alan Chan, and a 1-day advance happy birthday to Kin Fai. (Sorry, forgot to list you two in my previous post) May you two have the chance to hear the true gospel and may God open your hearts and eyes, realize yourselves as a sinner and the only way to cleanse the sin is through the blood of Christ - the Son of God - who was put on the cross for our sin. He resurrected on the third day for he has gained victory over Satan or the devil. Now, those who believes in Him will have eternal life - spiritual life, our earthly body will still return to the ground.

Please scroll to the bottom to see the verses John 3:16-18.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February 09 is here


I have quite a number of friends having birthday in February - Ah bao (CYB), Ferry, Xue Hui, Aik Hong and Jia Urnn. Hmm... sorry for those I didn't list here that I have forgotten your birthday! Yikes... don't worry, will visit Facebook or Friendster soon to recall my memory. Haha... Oh, not to forget, my mum and cousin Tin Tin also have their birthday this month! Hehe... for the days - Feb 5, 8, 19 and 25. Hehe... guess which day is whose birthday. Haha... hope I didn't get the days wrong. Haha...


This post is meant for update only, hehe. Have been going back to office for 3 consecutive Saturdays now, and finally reached the testing stage. All I can do now is solve bugs and do some refactoring, to make my codes more unit-testable although I haven't started increasing the number of unit test cases yet. Hopefully my boss won't ask for unit test coverage so soon. Hehe...

Oopz, the washing machine has finished washing our clothes, time to hang the clothes now. Adios! Thank God for all things!

Monday, January 26, 2009

LNY 1st day

Lunar New Year Eve

My brothers (Tung Ngie and Tung Lieng) had our "Reunion Dinner" yesterday, with chicken soup (with meat and mushroom), vege (xiao bai chai + braised mushroom + carrot) and a dish of curry (with meat, long bean and lady fingers). Hehe, they are just nice, hehe... we managed to get our stomach filled... full and then we watched some television programmes before we brushed up and went to bed... we 2 went to bed, Tung Lieng hadn't... don't know what he's been doing till... around 3++am I think... hehe...

Lunar New Year 1st day

Our breakfast is going to be a cabbage meal... but currently, as Tung Lieng has not awoken yet, the breakfast is not ready yet when I am writing this post. Haha... most shops don't open today. Our Sunday School class is going to start discussion on the book of Proverbs, thus we have been assigned to do some introductions of the book before starting on it. Hehe... thus I think I will use today to find the "Deiffent theme in studying Proverbs". After reading a study guide book on the book of Proverbs, I find it quite interesting because the guide book points out some interesting characters - gluttons, scoffers, lazy, simple, etc. Haha... these are all kinds of attribute people could have (one or more). Hehe... oh ya... there's leftover from yesterday dinner, thus we might finish them this afternoon. I believe we can do that, hehe... after I have cleared my stomach just now, hehe...

Ok, that's all for now. If my family in KB is reading this, I just wanna say I miss you all too. Hehe... miss my dad, my mum, my grandma and my sis. Hehe... but most importantly I don't forget about my Lord for He is always with me and I shall always keep my life pure for Him to use me. Thank God that He has changed me to a new me, because my old me is just just so ugly, in terms of personality and spiritually!

Lesson from Tower of Babel

The last Sunday, Brother Hock Lee shared with us on lesson learnt from Tower of Babel. The reference passge in the bible is Genesis 创世记 11:1-9. Something I learnt from the lesson, even if the lesson could be nothing new, but it is surely serve as a reminder to every Christians or saints to reflect on our life on earth.

We saw from the passage that after the people settled down, they started to think about what to do... they started to think about man's work... not for God, but for themselves... something for us to reflect - when we have settled down, e.g. a quiet time or a holiday (whether school holiday or public holiday), what's the first thing we think of? Is it for the Lord or for ourselves? Yes, many times I tend to think about my work because currently my project is in a rush mode.

Next, they started to build a city. There is nothing wrong in building a city or a tower, but these men wanted to "make a name for ourselves (themselves)". Their motive is not to honor God, but honor themselves. They have replaced God in their heart with themselves. It has been like that all along... we saw that people are selfish, eventhough the education "encourages" us not to be selfish... even a parent can teach a child not to be selfish, but people can never learn from education or even their parents, because once the child saw that their parents' selfish act, they will "follow". This is all entirely coming down to one root problem - our sin in our heart. Our sinful heart causes us to be pride, wants to gain attention, and do everything and anything against God's will. Thus it is very natural for us to NOT TO OBEY GOD's WORD.

However, you can't say "hey, it is natural wah, just let it be then." No, even if you allowed it yourselves, God won't allow it. Why? Because our One and Only God loves us and doesn't want us to go the destruction way (John 3:16-18). From the reference passage, we saw God took actions when the men were building the Tower of Babel.

The passage in verse 5 reads "the Lord came down" - means that the people's work are insignificant. These people want to build a tower to reach heaven, want to prove themselves better than God... but to God, these people do not have any idea what they are doing. From the word "came down" or in chinese "降临", we saw God has to "come down" to see how the men are doing - doesn't mean if God didn't come down, God doesn't know what the men are doing - the men here also means "son of ground" as we people are just made of soil. Something for us to reflect: in all we do or did in our life, don't feel proud about them, because they are all insignificant in God's eyes. Nothing to be proud of. Do you think you can be proud when you have a beautiful body? Or a very high career? Or very wealthy? People boast about their achievements no matter how minor it is... they just want to gain attention, want to make a name for themselves. To God, all men's achievement are nothing. Just think, if you look at a line of ants busy carrying their food from one end of a ruler to the other end. To the ants, they have achieved a lot... how about you? You just need to take their food from them and bring to the end, how insignificant these ants' effort are... just like how God viewed our achievements, thus, nothing to boast about their achievements.

We saw that God diversed the men's language. Some people get the wrong meaning that God did not want men to achieve something, or if God doesn't stop them now, God can't stop them later. No, God is the Almighty, He can do anything, He is the "I AM WHO I AM". God wanted to stop them from doing what they are doing now... these people didn't know that whatever they are doing is sinning against God (they want to take over God, they want to make a name for themselves). Like a child who has done something wrong, but he/she didn't know he/she is wrong, the parents need to discipline the child, or the child will go wild, as in... he/she thought what she is doing (sinning against God) is the right way to live their life.

God has shown mercy to these people by diversifying their language, because He can take away these people's live easily. He wanted the people to stop their construction work (they are building/piling up their sin - and this will lead to eternal death). Something to reflect: Think why God has put you into a comfortable situation, is that something you can do for our Lord? Don't continue sinning, but repent (1 John 1:9). Don't be proud when you achieve something, but thank God for that because it is God-given. For whatever you do, think about the motive, because no matter how innocent the action may be, if you do it with a wrong motive, you are sinning against our Lord.

May this serves as a reminder to all of God's children.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Near to CNY

Break from work

This CNY holiday sure comes at the right time. A break from my work, hehe... I thank God for that. For the past 2 nights, I have been bringing codes home and worked till midnight, latest was 12.30++am only, hehe... not dare to go too late, will harm my body and I can't think properly when I am sleepy. Hehe...

Today I finally solve one of two parts of my bugs... wow... using 4 to 5 days to clear one part. Now the other part, will start clearing them from tomorrow onwards. Not to forget, I need to write unit tests for those codes I have written to solve the bugs. Haha... unit test, tedious job though. Haha... need time to think for the best way to unit test the codes. Hehe...

Anyway, put all these in God's hands and I believe He will lead me through. Hehe... today I am going to sleep earlier than the previous two nights. Hehe...

Shops run wild

The shops here go all out to display their goods, Bee Cheng Hiong (美珍香) has a lot of promotions on their bah kwa... and people still queueing up to buy them during these recession periods. Hehe... I like Chinese New Year because this is the only time I can eat Mandarin, a kind of orange, lu kan.

Haha... I read on one of the brothers' post that he is studying Bahasa Melayu, haha... I thought of some terms near to lu-kan. "luka" is injure, "lupa" is forget and "sukan" is sport (not "lukan"). "lipas" is cockroach, "lepas" is skip or past, "lima" is 5, "limau" is orange or lime, "lalat" is fly. Haha... just for fun xia. Hehe...

Prayer meeting yesterday

Yesterday Brother Hock Lee shared with us Psalm 32:3-5, the different outcome of keeping silent (does not repent from sin) and being open to the Lord (repent, tell God your sin committed)... for keeping silent, we saw that we'll be in danger, feel like no strength (bone crushed) as we know that our sin can't escape from God's eyes... the sin is like a disease or cancer in our body, draining our energy and life.

Surprisingly, if we repent and seek God's forgiveness, the Psalm 32:3-5 says that God is more than willing to forgive us. He wants all of us to have the desire to get near Him, approach Him, seek Him and also, ask for His forgiveness. Although He won't like to see us sinning, He know we are weak, and when we sinned against Him, He wants us to go back to Him, He wants us to tell Him our sin, and He is willng to forgive our sins. In the bible, there also mentions that if we don't repent, God will not forgive our sin.

So, why live a sinful, weary life? Hurry, repent and ask for God's forgiveness, for He is the One and Only God... He is the Only One who can say "I AM who I AM"... He is the Only "I AM" for He created the heaven and the earth... no name is greater than His. He shows us what true love is, so that we can love Him back... but the worldly love is far far different from the true love God shows us.

May all brothers and sisters willing to commit ourselves to our Lord for He is the Only One who can say "I AM who I AM". Let us have the desire to follow our Lord's step, follow His footprints for it is the safest way on the most narrow road. (The broad road, where most are walking on, leads to eternal death, instead of eternal life.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week by week

Time to fix bugs

This week I have been doing integration testing on my part at work. Hence, next week my boss has given me two and a half days to solve the bugs I logged during testing. So... time to fix bugs and a major obstacle I have seen in my code... not enough MVP (model-view-presenter)... well it was actually in a different style of MVP - some kinda of Supervising Controller, but this is hard for unit test (thus my code coverage is low)... thus in order to increase the code coverage (need to increase the efficiency of unit test), I need to refurnish my codes to another kind of MVP, Passive View, where the View is like a slave to the Presenter.

If I am going to change, it will take quite some time for me... as I am a slow thinker... moreover, the worst thing is that it may break my current code and thus may create more troubles. Although the proverb "No pain, no gain" does exist, the problem is the schedule... it is very tight right now for me but really... since the boss is asking for more code coverage as well as bug fixing, I think the best way is to refurnish it... one good thing is that I can do a better unit test, another thing is that I am revisiting my code and able to pick up the part that I have slacked (thus the bugs, hehe, I hope so). Hehe... I will continue to put all these works in God's hand and pray that He helps me in this matter.

A late Friday, Saturday and Sunday (maybe)

It has been more than a week since my last post. Hehe... Tung Ngie and I went to a gathering with some of our NUSHO alumni. Some of them (2 or 3) still going to band practice on every Monday and Friday (well, some skipped for this gathering). Everyone got job and basically the conversation has been revolving around our jobs. Oh ya, some even go on to taking PhD. Wow, hehe... congrats to them on their perseverance! Haha... anyway that was Friday night... we reached home around 11++pm, and slept around 12++am.

On Satuday (today), we have a video session with the English session Youth Fellowship. The video is the first of the series on Joshua Harris' talk. Joshua Harris talked about what true love is from the bible and I love his examples. He has a lot of humour expressions. Haha... actually we had singinspiration first before the video, led by brother Joshua, beautiful four hymns. After the video, we formed into four groups and had some discussions. My group is led by auntie Janice, and there are 11 of us. Hehe... both my brothers, Tung Ngie and Tung Lieng, are in the same group as me, as well as Joel. Then there is another brother, and 5 sisters (sorry, can't remember their name). We had dinner after the sharing... and a birthday cum farewell cake (to different persons). We reached home around 10++pm and what a long trip in MRT from Bukit Batok to Bedok. Haha... we took a bus from Sixth Avenue to Bukit Batok interchange... we thought it end at Clementi interchange instead. Haha...

Tomorrow could be another day when I will come back late... friend's birthday at West Coast Plaza... the other end of Singapore from where I live (and work)... surely do hope I have the guts to share God's gospel with my friends...

What could be the next post's title? Month by month? Haha... oopz almost 12am le, need to go bed and prepare for tomorrow's Sunday School! Hehe...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day by day

It's Wednesday

"Half of the week is gone", said Tung Ngie when we just reached home around 8.30pm. We set off from our workplace at 8pm, went to NTUC to buy bread and kaya (pandan) for tomorrow's breakfast, and a fruit juice, then all the way back. Hehe... day by day, oh... there is pastoral group prayer meeting this week, thus there is no prayer meeting today, that's why we managed to work till so late.

Some celebration nearby

Hmm, I am not sure what event is organised across the road, but there are some singers and a rock band that play music for the singers to sing. Most of the songs the singers sang are Chinese New Year songs... though there are still two or three weeks away from Jan 26 and 27. The singers tried to be "modern" as well, (ahh, that's why they hired a rock band), adding rock background to the traditional chinese new year songs. Haha... the singers and the emcee spoke English, Chinese and a chinese dialect.

One of the songs (this is not chinese new year song as I said "Most of the songs" earlier, not all the songs) sang reminds me of my childhood, listening to my mum and grandparents sing the oldies at home. Haha... especially my mum. Haha... having a picture of my mum singing karaoke and all her children listening in my mind le, hehe... I put it up after I drawn it (cartoon style of course, still a beginner). Haha...

Wonder when the celebration going to end... hope it doesn't prevent me from sleeping, hehe...

Geylang Teens Youth Fellowship at 10 Jan

We will meet at 2.30pm in East Coast Park, the meeting point is the ever-easy-to-find McDonald restaurant. Haha... hope to see you all there! Hehe... looks like Zhen Zhen, Delina, Hong Jan or Hong Ling have the activity that day planned. Hehe... continue to pray for them and every teens and youth (including young adults)! Haha... this will be my (and Tung Ngie's) first time to East Coast Park after moving to Bedok. Hehe...

Ongoing celebration

Wow, looks like the singers are moving off from CNY songs, but pop rock songs... at least better than those metallica songs, haha... though I like their music, haha... very rhythmic, haha... so I guess they make a good choice hiring a rock band instead, haha... oh yeah... looks like the singers are foreigners, as they keep on saying "friends from Singapore" or "新加坡的朋友"... oh now they invite a Malay, and they started speaking Malay. By they way, I am only listening, thus I don't know how they all looks like, and I guess its a rock band, haha... wow now malay songs! Haha... this malay song is familiar though, haha... oh its a malay song MEDLEY! Haha... that's all now, going to brush up.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A forward from friend

A forward from friend

Another post that consisted a forward from a friend. No matter the incident is true or not, we know how evil all human hearts are, and I believe such things can happen to anyone, not only females. For money, human can do anything including killing one another.

Dear All,

This is pretty scary, in connection with the case on Ms Canny Ong who was raped and killed last year.

A friend stopped at a pay-at-the-pump gas station to get gas. Once she filled her gas tank after paying at the pump and about to leave, the attendant inside came over the speaker. He told her that something happened with her card and that she needed to come inside to pay.

The lady was confused because the transaction showed complete and approved. She told him that and was getting ready to leave but the attendant once again urged her to come in to pay or else.

She proceeded to go inside and started arguing with the attendant about his threat. He told her to calm down and listen carefully: He told her that while she was pumping gas, a guy slipped into the back seat of her car on the other side and he had called the police. She immediately became scared and looked out there in time to see her car door open and the guy slip out.

The report is that the new gang initiation thing is to bring back a woman's body part. One way they are doing this is crawling under girls/women's cars while they're pumping gas or at grocery stores in the night time. Then, they will cut off the legs ankles to disable them in order to kidnap them, kill and dismember them.

The other way is slipping into unattended cars and kidnapping the women to kill and dismember them. Please pass this on to other women, young and old alike. Be extra careful going to and from your car at night. If at all possible, don't go alone! This is real!!

The message:
1. ALWAYS lock your car doors, even if you're gone for just a second.
2. Check underneath your car when approaching it for re-entry, and check in the back before getting in.
3. Always be aware of your surroundings and other individuals in your general vicinity, particularly at night!

"World peace"?

Can we get any peace in this world? No, there isn't any peace. Although there are some "peace" campaign going around the world, or the main aim of unions is to promote peace and so on, there is no peace in this world because of the sin in all of our heart.

There's only one way to clear the sin in our heart - by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Christianity is not a religion, and it should not be divided into some denominations (such as Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc)... Christianity is the truth - the only truth is from the bible, God's word - no other scripture can be claimed as the truth because they are just mere words from human, not the one from the One and Only God.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Next holiday : End of January

End of Festive "season"

There goes my holidays these two weeks. Next "holiday" will be Jan 26-27, Chinese New Year holiday. One thought in my mind is "I can't wait to go back home in KB." Another thought comes, "so what if I can go back home?".

Well, apart from being together with my family, I am sure that it'll be like wasting time in KB, because I will be sitting around in the living room, play PS2, walk around the house, enjoy my grandma's cooked food, able to play basketball in my own compound (if there's no rain), waiting for the night to come before I go to bed, and there's another day. It'll be somewhat the same for what I am doing now for some Saturdays when there's no church activity, except there's no grandma's wonderful food here. Hehe...

Thus how should we view each day? Hmm... I think how we live for our Lord is that makes the difference. Our Lord wants us to serve Him and think about His words every hour, every minute, every second. Joshua 1:8 says "Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful."

Yet my heart sometimes resisted on following God's word, not willing to sacrifice myself for Him, although I know it is very important to do that, for Romans 12:1 says "Therefore, I (Apostle Paul) urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship." I also know that my Lord is a wonderful God, and He will NEVER short change my life... He will even bless all His children who have the heart to serve Him and sacrifice for Him. I know all these, and many times I have the desire to sacrifice for my Lord.

Having the desire is not enough, the actions must follow on. If there's only desire but no action, it is just NATO (no action, talk only), God will not be pleased. Thus I need to continue to tell myself, and PUSH myself, to do His works.

Memory verses

Our church encourages all of us to read the bible and keep Lord's word in our heart (memorise verses). Hehe... last year, I have memorised from January till June. Due to my laziness, I have not called myself to start this memorising again... it is sad and I have always been NATO in this area of work. Think I need to push myself again, hehe...

"Girls always have room for dessert" I have forgotten where I heard that from, but I don't know if that's true or not. One thing I am sure of is "Christians always have room for God's word", no matter what age we are, or how "poor memory" we admit ourselves be, I am sure our Lord will give us room in our heart and brain to store His word. Thus, it is no excuse for us to say we are not capable to memorise God's word. Hehe... when we are living God's word in our life, then it will be harder for us to forget His word. Hehe...

Some interesting books

I have finished reading one of the fisher books 渔人丛书, #17 - 天路上的忠告. It comprises of the messages spoken by one of the pastors in 香港喜乐福音堂, 胡恩德先生. The content touches on all sorts of teaching for our spiritual walk with Christ. Very interesting I found it to be, and learnt a lot (and the next thing is how do I apply what I learnt in my life). Haha...

Next few books I will be looking at: "Christ among other gods", "Be Skillful" (used for Sunday School) and "The Case for Christ" (gift from my Sunday School teachers). Hehe... how blessed I am with so many books. If you have been to any of my church's libraries (Queenstown and Geylang) , there are many more books, hehe... but the most important thing we have to get straight in our mind is that these books are reference books only, a guide to help us understand the bible in some particular topics or directs us to some passages in the bible that we need to solve our problems (perhaps)... the ultimate book is the bible, God's word. We need to listen to God's word directly ourselves, for it is only there, we can find comfort, strength and grace from our Lord.