Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day by day

It's Wednesday

"Half of the week is gone", said Tung Ngie when we just reached home around 8.30pm. We set off from our workplace at 8pm, went to NTUC to buy bread and kaya (pandan) for tomorrow's breakfast, and a fruit juice, then all the way back. Hehe... day by day, oh... there is pastoral group prayer meeting this week, thus there is no prayer meeting today, that's why we managed to work till so late.

Some celebration nearby

Hmm, I am not sure what event is organised across the road, but there are some singers and a rock band that play music for the singers to sing. Most of the songs the singers sang are Chinese New Year songs... though there are still two or three weeks away from Jan 26 and 27. The singers tried to be "modern" as well, (ahh, that's why they hired a rock band), adding rock background to the traditional chinese new year songs. Haha... the singers and the emcee spoke English, Chinese and a chinese dialect.

One of the songs (this is not chinese new year song as I said "Most of the songs" earlier, not all the songs) sang reminds me of my childhood, listening to my mum and grandparents sing the oldies at home. Haha... especially my mum. Haha... having a picture of my mum singing karaoke and all her children listening in my mind le, hehe... I put it up after I drawn it (cartoon style of course, still a beginner). Haha...

Wonder when the celebration going to end... hope it doesn't prevent me from sleeping, hehe...

Geylang Teens Youth Fellowship at 10 Jan

We will meet at 2.30pm in East Coast Park, the meeting point is the ever-easy-to-find McDonald restaurant. Haha... hope to see you all there! Hehe... looks like Zhen Zhen, Delina, Hong Jan or Hong Ling have the activity that day planned. Hehe... continue to pray for them and every teens and youth (including young adults)! Haha... this will be my (and Tung Ngie's) first time to East Coast Park after moving to Bedok. Hehe...

Ongoing celebration

Wow, looks like the singers are moving off from CNY songs, but pop rock songs... at least better than those metallica songs, haha... though I like their music, haha... very rhythmic, haha... so I guess they make a good choice hiring a rock band instead, haha... oh yeah... looks like the singers are foreigners, as they keep on saying "friends from Singapore" or "新加坡的朋友"... oh now they invite a Malay, and they started speaking Malay. By they way, I am only listening, thus I don't know how they all looks like, and I guess its a rock band, haha... wow now malay songs! Haha... this malay song is familiar though, haha... oh its a malay song MEDLEY! Haha... that's all now, going to brush up.

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