Monday, January 26, 2009

LNY 1st day

Lunar New Year Eve

My brothers (Tung Ngie and Tung Lieng) had our "Reunion Dinner" yesterday, with chicken soup (with meat and mushroom), vege (xiao bai chai + braised mushroom + carrot) and a dish of curry (with meat, long bean and lady fingers). Hehe, they are just nice, hehe... we managed to get our stomach filled... full and then we watched some television programmes before we brushed up and went to bed... we 2 went to bed, Tung Lieng hadn't... don't know what he's been doing till... around 3++am I think... hehe...

Lunar New Year 1st day

Our breakfast is going to be a cabbage meal... but currently, as Tung Lieng has not awoken yet, the breakfast is not ready yet when I am writing this post. Haha... most shops don't open today. Our Sunday School class is going to start discussion on the book of Proverbs, thus we have been assigned to do some introductions of the book before starting on it. Hehe... thus I think I will use today to find the "Deiffent theme in studying Proverbs". After reading a study guide book on the book of Proverbs, I find it quite interesting because the guide book points out some interesting characters - gluttons, scoffers, lazy, simple, etc. Haha... these are all kinds of attribute people could have (one or more). Hehe... oh ya... there's leftover from yesterday dinner, thus we might finish them this afternoon. I believe we can do that, hehe... after I have cleared my stomach just now, hehe...

Ok, that's all for now. If my family in KB is reading this, I just wanna say I miss you all too. Hehe... miss my dad, my mum, my grandma and my sis. Hehe... but most importantly I don't forget about my Lord for He is always with me and I shall always keep my life pure for Him to use me. Thank God that He has changed me to a new me, because my old me is just just so ugly, in terms of personality and spiritually!

Lesson from Tower of Babel

The last Sunday, Brother Hock Lee shared with us on lesson learnt from Tower of Babel. The reference passge in the bible is Genesis 创世记 11:1-9. Something I learnt from the lesson, even if the lesson could be nothing new, but it is surely serve as a reminder to every Christians or saints to reflect on our life on earth.

We saw from the passage that after the people settled down, they started to think about what to do... they started to think about man's work... not for God, but for themselves... something for us to reflect - when we have settled down, e.g. a quiet time or a holiday (whether school holiday or public holiday), what's the first thing we think of? Is it for the Lord or for ourselves? Yes, many times I tend to think about my work because currently my project is in a rush mode.

Next, they started to build a city. There is nothing wrong in building a city or a tower, but these men wanted to "make a name for ourselves (themselves)". Their motive is not to honor God, but honor themselves. They have replaced God in their heart with themselves. It has been like that all along... we saw that people are selfish, eventhough the education "encourages" us not to be selfish... even a parent can teach a child not to be selfish, but people can never learn from education or even their parents, because once the child saw that their parents' selfish act, they will "follow". This is all entirely coming down to one root problem - our sin in our heart. Our sinful heart causes us to be pride, wants to gain attention, and do everything and anything against God's will. Thus it is very natural for us to NOT TO OBEY GOD's WORD.

However, you can't say "hey, it is natural wah, just let it be then." No, even if you allowed it yourselves, God won't allow it. Why? Because our One and Only God loves us and doesn't want us to go the destruction way (John 3:16-18). From the reference passage, we saw God took actions when the men were building the Tower of Babel.

The passage in verse 5 reads "the Lord came down" - means that the people's work are insignificant. These people want to build a tower to reach heaven, want to prove themselves better than God... but to God, these people do not have any idea what they are doing. From the word "came down" or in chinese "降临", we saw God has to "come down" to see how the men are doing - doesn't mean if God didn't come down, God doesn't know what the men are doing - the men here also means "son of ground" as we people are just made of soil. Something for us to reflect: in all we do or did in our life, don't feel proud about them, because they are all insignificant in God's eyes. Nothing to be proud of. Do you think you can be proud when you have a beautiful body? Or a very high career? Or very wealthy? People boast about their achievements no matter how minor it is... they just want to gain attention, want to make a name for themselves. To God, all men's achievement are nothing. Just think, if you look at a line of ants busy carrying their food from one end of a ruler to the other end. To the ants, they have achieved a lot... how about you? You just need to take their food from them and bring to the end, how insignificant these ants' effort are... just like how God viewed our achievements, thus, nothing to boast about their achievements.

We saw that God diversed the men's language. Some people get the wrong meaning that God did not want men to achieve something, or if God doesn't stop them now, God can't stop them later. No, God is the Almighty, He can do anything, He is the "I AM WHO I AM". God wanted to stop them from doing what they are doing now... these people didn't know that whatever they are doing is sinning against God (they want to take over God, they want to make a name for themselves). Like a child who has done something wrong, but he/she didn't know he/she is wrong, the parents need to discipline the child, or the child will go wild, as in... he/she thought what she is doing (sinning against God) is the right way to live their life.

God has shown mercy to these people by diversifying their language, because He can take away these people's live easily. He wanted the people to stop their construction work (they are building/piling up their sin - and this will lead to eternal death). Something to reflect: Think why God has put you into a comfortable situation, is that something you can do for our Lord? Don't continue sinning, but repent (1 John 1:9). Don't be proud when you achieve something, but thank God for that because it is God-given. For whatever you do, think about the motive, because no matter how innocent the action may be, if you do it with a wrong motive, you are sinning against our Lord.

May this serves as a reminder to all of God's children.

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