Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week by week

Time to fix bugs

This week I have been doing integration testing on my part at work. Hence, next week my boss has given me two and a half days to solve the bugs I logged during testing. So... time to fix bugs and a major obstacle I have seen in my code... not enough MVP (model-view-presenter)... well it was actually in a different style of MVP - some kinda of Supervising Controller, but this is hard for unit test (thus my code coverage is low)... thus in order to increase the code coverage (need to increase the efficiency of unit test), I need to refurnish my codes to another kind of MVP, Passive View, where the View is like a slave to the Presenter.

If I am going to change, it will take quite some time for me... as I am a slow thinker... moreover, the worst thing is that it may break my current code and thus may create more troubles. Although the proverb "No pain, no gain" does exist, the problem is the schedule... it is very tight right now for me but really... since the boss is asking for more code coverage as well as bug fixing, I think the best way is to refurnish it... one good thing is that I can do a better unit test, another thing is that I am revisiting my code and able to pick up the part that I have slacked (thus the bugs, hehe, I hope so). Hehe... I will continue to put all these works in God's hand and pray that He helps me in this matter.

A late Friday, Saturday and Sunday (maybe)

It has been more than a week since my last post. Hehe... Tung Ngie and I went to a gathering with some of our NUSHO alumni. Some of them (2 or 3) still going to band practice on every Monday and Friday (well, some skipped for this gathering). Everyone got job and basically the conversation has been revolving around our jobs. Oh ya, some even go on to taking PhD. Wow, hehe... congrats to them on their perseverance! Haha... anyway that was Friday night... we reached home around 11++pm, and slept around 12++am.

On Satuday (today), we have a video session with the English session Youth Fellowship. The video is the first of the series on Joshua Harris' talk. Joshua Harris talked about what true love is from the bible and I love his examples. He has a lot of humour expressions. Haha... actually we had singinspiration first before the video, led by brother Joshua, beautiful four hymns. After the video, we formed into four groups and had some discussions. My group is led by auntie Janice, and there are 11 of us. Hehe... both my brothers, Tung Ngie and Tung Lieng, are in the same group as me, as well as Joel. Then there is another brother, and 5 sisters (sorry, can't remember their name). We had dinner after the sharing... and a birthday cum farewell cake (to different persons). We reached home around 10++pm and what a long trip in MRT from Bukit Batok to Bedok. Haha... we took a bus from Sixth Avenue to Bukit Batok interchange... we thought it end at Clementi interchange instead. Haha...

Tomorrow could be another day when I will come back late... friend's birthday at West Coast Plaza... the other end of Singapore from where I live (and work)... surely do hope I have the guts to share God's gospel with my friends...

What could be the next post's title? Month by month? Haha... oopz almost 12am le, need to go bed and prepare for tomorrow's Sunday School! Hehe...

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