Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February 09 is here


I have quite a number of friends having birthday in February - Ah bao (CYB), Ferry, Xue Hui, Aik Hong and Jia Urnn. Hmm... sorry for those I didn't list here that I have forgotten your birthday! Yikes... don't worry, will visit Facebook or Friendster soon to recall my memory. Haha... Oh, not to forget, my mum and cousin Tin Tin also have their birthday this month! Hehe... for the days - Feb 5, 8, 19 and 25. Hehe... guess which day is whose birthday. Haha... hope I didn't get the days wrong. Haha...


This post is meant for update only, hehe. Have been going back to office for 3 consecutive Saturdays now, and finally reached the testing stage. All I can do now is solve bugs and do some refactoring, to make my codes more unit-testable although I haven't started increasing the number of unit test cases yet. Hopefully my boss won't ask for unit test coverage so soon. Hehe...

Oopz, the washing machine has finished washing our clothes, time to hang the clothes now. Adios! Thank God for all things!

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