Friday, February 27, 2009

Maybe it's not the time yet

Can't go home to KB

At first I was intending to go home on March 16 for a week, something crops up and looks like it's not the time yet for me to go home. Hehe... I trust that my Lord's timing is the best, and He knows what's the best for me. So, continue to stay here in Singapore then. Hehe..

Tomorrow big day for someone

We 3 are going to attend Kenneth's wedding thanksgiving service tomorrow morning, and also a dinner. Hehe, we see how well God has placed His children together. May God continue to bless them as it is another "homework" to learn being a husband or a wife. Hehe...

Job update

Still going well I guess, bug fixing everyday and hopefully these bugs will all be eliminated. However, these bugs don't seem so easily be contained... one clear, you get some more again. Bah... that's all for now...

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