Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trust the Lord

Youth Fellowship on Feb 21, 2009

Although I am considered as "Young Adult" now, it's not awkward as well for me to attend youth fellowship, right? Hehe... the most important thing is what I have learnt about my Lord during the fellowship and how I can apply it to our daily live. Also, it is important that brothers and sisters can encourage one another, help one another, know more about one another and pray for one another during the fellowship. It is important for all of us to know who we are worshipping - the One and Only God, our Lord.

Speaking of that, I remembered that I have not start reading through the verses given during Geylang Teen-Youth committee bible study. Haha... oopsie... will start soon, good thing I still remember! Haha. The topic we studying is "Fellowship" as well.

Coming back to our youth fellowship, we watched a video by Joshua Harris, giving a message on "Trust". The first two video were on "What is true love?" and "Purity". I like the poem mentioned by Joshua, which I barely remember by now, (poor memory). Hehe... Joshua's message this time is to encourage us to redeem our time, the time we are single. Don't think that "if I am married, I would do this... and that... etc", don't live in the future or NATO (no action think only), haha... but make use of our time now to pursue godliness.

He mentioned about a boy, Peter, who was very impatient. Once he met an old lady who gave him a silver ball with a golden thread sticking out of it. The old lady told Peter that this thread represent his life and if he pulled the thread, the time will past very quickly. Peter took the ball to school. The teacher was talking non-stop and he started to feel bored. He remembered this silver ball in his bag. "Let's see if this silver ball really that magical." His hand went into his bag and he pulled a bit on the thread. The next thing he know, the school dismissed.

"Wow!" Peter was so excited. "If I pull more, then I would have graduated. Let's try!" He pulled longer than the previous trial. Zoom, he graduated. He had a girlfriend, but his girlfriend is not yet ready for marriage. "Oh Peter, give me another year, I want to learn how to be a good wife. I believe the time will fly soon." his girlfriend said. Peter thought, "Oh yeah, the time will fly very very fast." After his girlfriend left, he pulled the thread again and he had married his girlfriend, started to have his own family. When he met with any problem in life, he just pulled the thread to get over with them... soon he is at the end of his thread, and when he looked back, he felt he has not learnt anything in life because he has fast-forwarded every problem or chance that he can learn something...

Trust in the Lord for God's timing is the best. Don't complain, because complaining means "hey God, I hate your arrangement, how about giving me more of this and that that I like to do?", are you more superior than God? No, God created the world with His word, "Let there be light, and there is light". Contented is not something you gain from looking forward, but looking at what you already have, e.g. "If I have that, then I'll happy" describes someone who is not contented. Thus let us be contented on what we already have, for what we have are all given by God. Moreover, these belong to God, we are just servants of God, taking care of these things for Him. These could be refering to time, money, mental, health, including our body! Hehe...

Good night

Nothing much now, going to bed now... feel like going to be sick, but hopefully I drink enough water to keep myself healthy. Hehe... trust in the Lord. ;)

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