Friday, March 20, 2009

Just be patient

Solving bugs

As a programmer, I know it is very tedious to solve bugs, especially those bugs that required "some" tracing up and down before you can finally locate where the real error is. I have been working till late night, 9 to 10pm. How glad I am when I was back in my home... I'll be more glad if I could be HOME in KB. Haha... very tired... and the bugs just keep coming (there are people who are digging up the bugs, and they are so effective that they digged as many bugs as we, developers, can solve bugs)

I felt like there is a war ongoing between the diggers and the developers... nothing wrong with that, the diggers are doing their job... but it is so hard when you are trying to find way to solve one bug, then you saw the diggers coming along to tell you that they found more bugs. It just never end - Today before you leave the office, you could have 6 bugs left. The next day, you realized that you have 8 more bugs added (that's make it 14)... something you don't always wish for. Why do I say its a war? There's one field where the diggers and the developers can state which category the bugs fell in. One category is Software Bug, and another is User Error. It is like if a bug categorised as Software Bug, the diggers earn a point. If it is User Error, the diggers deduct a point, so they do all means to argue that it is Software Bug so that they don't get "deducted".

Haiz... sometime I think the time used for "discussing" which category the bugs should fall in should have been better spent in solving bugs. Then there's another category call Improvement. When the diggers told us that something will be good for the user, we never agree or disagree, they just log the bug... oh man... don't they know the number of bugs left in the database is critical at this moment? The big boss is asking us to decrease the number of bugs logged in the database (the only way is to respond to these bugs in the database)... although I can put it under Improvement, I still need to respond to the log. Haiz... anyway... that's a programmer's life... create bugs - dig bugs (may be someone else's job) - solve bugs! The time given to create bugs is longer than the time given to solve bugs, but their number could be similar...

Sometime I reflect this on the things created by God and the things made by men. There's no fault in God's creation but full of faults in man-made things. Hehe... don't you think so? Computer, airplane, boat, rockets, software, including food like MILK POWDER! What can I say apart from praising my Lord because He is the perfect One. Praise the Lord, Amen!

Be patient

Yes, one lesson I keep on telling myself... and it is only the Lord's strength, I can still manage to cope... (if not, I think I would be throwing tantrum at the diggers) and control myself not to burn up against the diggers. Haha... but I got the fear that whenever I saw them walking by, I always wish that they don't stop at my table. Haha... that's all for now... finally a post. Haha... continue to learn in God's will... and repent on all the sins I committed against my Lord. He hears our prayers. The question is "Do you trust Him?".


Tang said...

life cycle of a programmer. dun worry, next version wont be htat many bug, like my project here. hahaha

god wont put u in situation u cant handle de. if u think u cant, all the more u need to ask god for the wisdom and energy.

Tung Leh said...

Yea, thanks.