Friday, March 06, 2009


Full of Sermons

Website: This website contains lots of sermons, whether sermons by bible, sermons by topic and many more. Haha... while preparing for my sharing this coming Sunday on Proverbs 2, I choose "Sermons by bible" > "Proverbs 2", then I have a whole list of sermons related to Proverbs 2. I picked "The Pursuit of Wisdom and Protection from the Wicked" from Trinity Church by Dr Greg Mazak. It is not bad. Haha... manage to pick up some unnoticed points. One of the points the preacher touched on is v.13 where the wicked man is someone "who leave the paths of uprightness" (NKJV), meaning the dangerous men/women are those who claimed themselves as Christians, who claimed to know the Scripture as well. That's pretty true and Christ, while he was on earth, told us to be careful of these people.

Soiree 2009 Harmonica Orchestra Annual Concert

Although I am not playing this year, I still would like to promote for this concert. I have played for 4 years (throughout my uni years) and I can say it is very "tough" training but "happy" when the event is over of course. Haha... everyone is happy for the night. So, I urge everyone to help support my juniors, and seniors (alumni who are willing to help). If my Lord allows, I am sure I will go back to help the orchestra. I believe my Lord has used the orchestra to provide me with all the training - being stage manager, concert manager, ex-concert manager, interactions with people, (friends, juniors and seniors), etc. My Lord allows to know these friends, is like handing me the responsibility to share the gospel with them, but I admit I have no "courage" to share the gospel at that time. Now, it is harder to gather with friends, because everyone is working now. But the responsibilities still there.

Oh ya, Soiree 2009 Harmonica Orchestra Annual Concert, Sunday 22 March! 5pm! Ticket sales at $15 and $20, much much cheaper than those concerts you saw on TV ($100++ from SISTIC). Please support, thank you very much! Hehe... by the way, I will be going... since I am not going back to Brunei on that day. Haha... here is the poster of the concert. Click to see the full picture.

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