Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Geylang June gospel camp

The Teen-Youth camp, themed "Always be Ready" has been ongoing now for almost two days now. Hopefully all the brothers and sisters participating the camp have been healthy, and learning how to be a disciple-maker. Hehe...

I thank the Lord that the gospel camp has gone well. It is a pity that the non-believers couldn't join us full-time during the camp, thus hopefully we could produce the recordings of the theme talk and the verses that the speaker (Bro. Tan Seng Chee) have mentioned, so that the non-believers can benefit from them, although it is better to show them the verses from the bible. Hehe... only the Holy Spirit can move their heart to see who the true savior is.

Previously I have "expected" a lot from the non-believers when I try to share the gospel. I thought that they would be a "good" listener, have a heart that trying to find a way to save themselves, a mind that trying to find the truth. Thus, when I first shared the gospel (well, trying to share), I got the unexpected "return" from them - cold face, uninterest speech and unprepared questions. I always have this thought, "hey, I am trying to share the gospel with you, its the only way you can save yourselves. Don't regret if you stop me from telling ya! It's your soul your problem. Sorry that I am trying to be a 'nice guy' here."

I joined Bro. Soon Yong's bible study class three times before and he once shared with us what sinners are. Apart from suppressing the truth, they are not truth-seeker. Thus my expectations of the sinners being a "good" listener, a heart and mind that is looking for the truth are very wrong indeed. Also, during a sharing with brothers and sisters (after tracting session), one of the teachers mentioned that we shouldn't be sorry to share the gospels with others. Previously, I also dare not share the gospel because I scared that the person I am sharing with will think that I am looking down on their belief. Later I realised that the gospel is actually to point out their unbelief, and I should not be afraid of sharing the gospel. Just like if I have been sent to an area where an earthquake has struck to rescue the victims. I can't be thinking "If I rescue the victims, the victims will think that I am looking down on them that they can't save themselves." Don't forget that we, adopted children of our Lord, are His ambassadors in the world to spread His gospel.

The speaker shared the theme message "Jesus is alive" with us from Revelation 1:1-20. His message also includes the Great White throne judgement and the New Heaven and Earth. I remembered the Great White throne judgement when I think about all my friends and relatives whom are yet to believe. The New Heaven and Earth reminds me of the great hope that we, do-ers of the Lord's word, have in the last days. We will all be gather up to the Lord and enjoy the wonderful new heaven and earth. Revelation 21:4 ~ He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

One of our sisters, Delina Swee, has left to work in Stockholm, Sweden. She has went with her sister, Celina on Sunday night. Thanks the Lord that the sisters able to reach the destination safely. Continue to pray for their accomodation, meals, service to the Lord, etc there in Sweden, also pray that Sis. Celina has a safe trip back. Bro. Eddie and their children must have missed her a lot. Don't forget to pray for Bro. Eddie for all the household chores since Sis. Celina is away for a week.

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