Monday, June 01, 2009

Mid year - June

Finally I blog today. Haha... it is a very very long time since I last posted - before I am baptized, before Tung Lieng attended his graduation from SP, before I moved house. After I have started packing my stuff, I guess I have not posted anything till now.

I will put up some photos of my bro's graduation picture over at TungLeh's lobby. Ooo... June 10-13 is near now, a few days left for our gospel camp to start. This will be my first time being a camp commander, kinda scary, but I know God has prepared lessons for me to learn. I thank my Lord that sisters Poh Choo, Delina, Enn Yew and Zhen Zhen have helped me on my first "trial" that really frightened me. I need to learn how to depend on my Lord more... I should have approach one of the sisters to attend to this matter because they are more suitable. Really, in the preparation for this camp, I think I have not put in my best, and I still can't overcome my "fear of men". Pray that my Lord continues to lead me... and I think being a camp commander is one way God is trying to help me to overcome "fear of men" - tackling the non-believers.

Let us all pray and work together for this incoming camp. Hehe... also pray for the Teen Youth camp that follows our camp. Hehe... I will list them under my "Coming Activities".

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