Sunday, June 07, 2009

Preparation for incoming gospel camp

Camp details:
June 10-13, NUS Prince George's Park Residence
Theme: Jesus is alive

For your information, the theme talk is open for all. The time is 7.30pm-9.30pm and the venue is NUS PGP Function Room 1. I thank the Lord for we have two campers who have yet known the Lord. Hopefully they have prepared their heart to listen to the truth. Hehe...

May all brethens be mentally, physically and spiritually be prepared for this camp, because it is a gospel camp. Haha... a battle against Satan.

The only two matters not yet settled are the food and the recorder. May God help us with this. Hopefully the person we aliasing for the food is able to respond quickly, and that I can get a MP3 recorder from the Queenstown centre. If not, then we will sought to use voice recorder in handphones. Haha... at least we got something to fall behind to. Haha... we all are servants of Christ. This camp belongs to the Lord, and may the Lord helps us in all the last minute's preparations. I need to prepare some short intro for each video we will be playing. Haha... hmm better have a bath before starting... days are so hot. Haha...

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