Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A drop of God's grace in my life

It has been a long while since my last post. However, I do return to edit one of my pages - "2012 Geylang Centre Recordings". The Lord Jesus Christ has been very gracious to me - granting me the saving faith to see my own sins, repent and believe in Him, the Only True Way. How amazing is this love that God has shown to me. He saved you and me while we were still sinners. It is by God's grace that God would save me, the chief of sinners. Remembering how I mistreated my brothers, how I competed with my classmates in school but to no avail, how lazy I am, how miserable my life was, then realizing what the Lord has done for me, my life is totally change. My goal of life is no longer achiving what's on earth, but live every day for my Lord, my God. I do not seek praises from my boss, from my parents nor anyone but only the Lord's praise "My good and faithful slave" when I meet Him. O God, Your wonderful grace showed me that I can never repay you because You are complete Yourselves. Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us not take God for granted.