Sunday, June 22, 2014

Updates from 2012 till now

Here are some updates from my last post in 2012: * 2008 - 2013 : Working as software engineer in Yokogawa Electric International S/B. My first job and I really like the working environment and the colleagues there. :) * 2014 : After spending total of 11 years in Singapore, I am now back in North Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah). Currently I am working as a trainee in Tang Dynasty Hotel, Wawasan Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Also, sometime I help out in my parents' hardware shop in Kuala Belait, Brunei. I realize that I have been going around this half year. * Jan 01 - Feb 16 : Helping in my parents' hardware shop in Brunei. * Feb 17 - Mar 26 : Working as a trainee in Tang Dynasty Hotel, Sabah in Front Office dept - checking in and out guests and I realize how limited my patience is. This is also the time when I am alone. * Mar 27 - Apr 03 : Going to Singapore to settle some personal matters. How I miss the brothers and sisters there too. This is holiday in Singapore. Hehe... * Apr 04 - May 04 : Back in Sabah, but this time not alone anymore... my twin brother came with me. He replaced me as a trainee in Front Office dept while I join the Food & Beverage dept. * May 05 - May 12 : We returned to Brunei, our parents' hardware shop. * May 13 - Jun 04 : Back in Sabah again and continue with our current role. * Jun 05 - Jun 13 : Took a break in Singapore, and join the Geylang Family Camp. * Jun 14 - Now : Back in Sabah, continue with our current role... but... remember how I should be as a slave of Christ. I thank God for all the grace that He has showered upon me. The very early grace He has granted me is the early discover of my hypothyroidism by the doctors, I was two months old. I don't remember how I take medicine while I was a baby, but I know I have been eating medicine since young. I only notice that the "milk" I drank is different from my twin brother and another cousin. Mine is brown and theirs is white. I found out mine was actually MILO after I grew up. One interesting note is that this medicine (thyroxine) keeps me attentive or energetic. Without the medicine, I will look tired or sleepy. May be my parents heard from the doctor wrongly, they gave me the medicine at night. I was attentive at night, can't sleep, but in school (kindergarten), I am sleepy. Eventually, my parents realized my problem and asked the doctor again. They then corrected the time for me to take the medicine, and so until now. How wonderful God's grace is. I can't imagine how I can even survive without the medicine. I grew up with my grandparents in Gadong, Brunei. Then in 1991, my family went to another town of Brunei, Kuala Belait, the place where I spent my 9 years there, before flying to Singapore in 2000 to study. I was exposed to the Gospel in Kuala Belait and get to know about Jesus Christ there. For more info, you can read my previous testimony. Finally God led me away from my comfort zone to study at a strange place. He did it amazingly and my parents saved tons of money. Although both my twin bro and I were in Singapore, they were only paying for my school fees. Marvelous grace. God also led us to FCF. There I am given a lot of opportunity to learn and serve my Lord. 2 years in Singapore for GCE O'Level, then 2 years in Brunei for GCE A'Level, then 4 years in Singapore for Bachelor degree, then 5 years in Singapore for working in Yokogawa Electric International, finally back in North Borneo. As I looked back on my life, I saw how He has led me through all these years... and how I have sinned against Him so much. I rather protect my own face than to share the Gospel with my friends. A present thing to give thanks to my Lord, I am given a lot of opportunity in Petros City Church (PCC) to learn and serve too. Currently I am attending a small group, named Emmanuel, with some brothers and sisters. Recently our church is going around the neighbourhood to introduce our church, and hopefully we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them soon. How wonderful God's grace. All glory to the Lord. I am so glad to see brothers and sisters here earnestly going out to give tracts to the neighbourhood. Your fellow slaves of Christ, Tung Leh